[HCDX] Additional Pirate activity
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[HCDX] Additional Pirate activity

WHYP heard November 25, 2000 0200-0225* UTC 6945 kHz with their "Post
Thanksgiving Boredom Show". IDs and mx. At 0219 announcer said "Well folks,
I really sincerely hope you enjoyed WHYP Post Thanksgiving Boredom Show. We
were basically just playing around with the old AM transmitter and wanted to
do something for you tonight. It wasn't the best, but it was fun, wasn't it?
It's always fun you know it. If you'd like a QSL from WHYP you have to send
an email to WHYP1530@xxxxxxxxx, or WHYP1530@xxxxxxxxxxxx, or
WHYP@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx any of them will work. We'll be sure to get you
something real soon. Mr. QSL manager is a little backed up now due to my
activities so, hmm..., it will be a little bit but don't worry you'll be
getting something soon. OK? WHYP signing off." Another song was then played.
At 0225 UTC George Zeller, I believe, saying "It was really about the worst
station I ever heard on shortwave. In fact it was so bad it actually was
entertaining in that respect." Signal then off. SIO: 554

Old Turkey Radio heard November 25, 2000 6950 USB 0240 - 0245* UTC. Comedy
bit on why we eat so much. Announcer very difficult to understand as he was
mumbling and not speaking well. At 0245 UTC was talking with someone on 6950
USB. Gone? SIO 353

WLIP heard November 25, 2000 6955 USB 0358 - 0411. "This is WLIP 6955". Blue
Ridge Summit address given for reception reports. Also asked for $1.00 or 3
first class stamps. Turkey gobbles. Song "Christmas City" played several
times. Announcer said "Bah Humbug".  "Broadcasting from the beautiful shores
of Lake Superior using 100 KW." 0406 UTC "This is WLIP 6955. Please stand by
while we start a new show." Someone in Nebraska talked to them on 6955 USB
asking if they were going to keep playing "Christmas City". Person from WLIP
said they were having problems with their CD player. Gone? I listened until
0411 UTC but didn't hear anything. SIO 252


-.. . Kraig (Annandale, VA)

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