[HCDX] 4965 Christian Voice Zambia and ALA1530 opinions
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[HCDX] 4965 Christian Voice Zambia and ALA1530 opinions

Heard today at 0015 Christian Voice, Zambia...Male announcer into
folkish religious songs..lot of fluttering but clear ID..overall 232.

Got my Wellbrook ALA1530 the other day and Im quite impressed with
it..it is compact yet is able to pull in a lot of stations. I would
recommend to anyone who does not have the room to put a large antenna.
It is one quite antenna. One interesting side note...I run antenna thru
a switchbox which has an "antenna out" jack which allows all the
antennas to be processed by a line isolator and whatever else is in the
loop...I placed the Wellbrook Antenna interface in the loop and the MLB
sloper's performance increased noticeably.

Patrick Buckingham
Davis, Ca

Drake R8
Collins R390A
Drake R4C

Wellbrook ALA 1530
60 foot MLB sloper

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