[HCDX] Loggings from Toronto & Ann Arbor
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[HCDX] Loggings from Toronto & Ann Arbor

(MKB-ON) Mike Brooker, Toronto, ON
Receivers: Panasonics RF-2200; RFB-45

(MKB-MI) Dxing in Ann Arbor, Michigan w/Panasonic RFB-45

Times: EST (UTC-5)

710 CKVM Ville Marie, PQ Nov. 23 fr-good w/FF paid political announcement
for Liberal party.  (MKB-MI)

730 CKDM Dauphin, MB Nov. 23 0718 fair-good w/C&W, ID as “today’s hot
country, CKDM”, local wx, ad for Roundup Ready canola.  (MKB-MI)

820 WOSU Columbus, OH Nov. 23 0800 breaking through nulled CHAM w/ID as
“Morning Edition is next on 820 WOSU”.  (MKB-MI)

860 WNOV Milwaukee, WI Nov. 22 1805 presumed w/rap and hip hop, CST time
check, poor under partially nulled CJBC.  (MKB-MI)

860 WACB Taylorsville, NC Nov. 23 0109 alone in CJBC null w/PSA to prevent
forest fires, promo for the Alexander County Baptist Association’s Christmas
toy collection (donations may be brought to the Taylorsville National Guard
Armory).  Slogan “You found it, lock it in, B-86” into “Joy to the World”
(the Christmas carol, not Three Dog Night).  If their night power is really
only 8 watts, this is a totally awesome catch!  (MKB-MI)

880 KRVN Lexington, NE Nov. 22 1750 fr-poor in fight w/WCBS & WRFD, promo
for Real Audio webcast on www.krvn.com web site, C&W mx.  Heard in Toronto
in 1978; QSL took almost 5 years to arrive!  (MKB-MI)

880 WMEQ Menomonie WI Nov. 22 1739 breaking through nulled WRFD w/sports
report talking about upcoming Minnesota Wild and Timberwolves games.
Nothing in MN on 880; this is presumed since Menomonie is close enough to
the MN state line that the Wild and T-Wolves would be “home” teams.

900 WFRO Fremont, OH Nov. 22 1711 wiping out CHML w/local news and funeral
announcements, promo for Fremont Chamber of Commerce Christmas dance at
Fremont Country Club.  (MKB-MI)

920 WBAA West Lafayette, IN Nov. 22 0600 over CKNX w/promo for wbaa.org web
site, into NPR Morning Edition.  (MKB-ON)

920 KARN Little Rock, AR Nov. 22 1736 fair w/ID as “News radio 920 KARN”,
into talk about George W. Bush’s cocaine habit (“at least he admitted it”).

930 WEOL Elyria, OH Nov. 22 1654 vgd w/ad for Loraine County Transit, local
wx and promo announcement: “your up to the minute weather advisories on your
news station, AM 930 WEOL”.  (MKB-MI)

940 WCPC Houston, MS Nov. 22 1734 fair and alone on frequency w/ad for Frank
Schmidt Body Shop in Houston, local wx, ID as “currently it’s 53 degrees at

1070 WCSZ Sans Souci, SC Nov. 23 2205 fair in WIBC null w/ID as “1070 The
Sports Zone, WCSZ” into Fox Sports talk.  (MKB-MI)

1110 WMBI Chicago, IL Nov. 22 1729* good w/sign off announcement “You have
been listening to WMBI Chicago, broadcasting since 1926…” inviting listeners
to tune to WMBI-FM 90.1.  (MKB-MI)

1130 KWKH Shreveport, LA Nov. 22 1727 poor but steady in WDFN null w/C&W mx,
ID as “AM 1130 Country Gold, KWKH”.  (MKB-MI)

1150 WCUE Cuyahoga Falls, OH Nov. 23 1759 good w/ID as “providing food to
the spiritually hungry, this is WCUE Cuyahoga Falls”, into Family Radio
program.  (MKB-MI)

1150 WEAQ Chippewa Falls, WI Nov. 23 0727 fair w/local wx, Thanksgiving Day
sports trivia contest, sponsored by Eau Claire Optical.  (MKB-MI)

1150 UNID _______  Nov. 23 0915 non-ID as “The Valley’s non-stop Christmas
station” into a C&W-ish version of “Pretty Papers”, then faded out.

1180 WXLA Dimondale, MI Nov. 23 0742 dominating nulled WHAM w/hip hop mx, ID
as “Mix 1180 WXLA.  We’re staying true to the mix.  Lansing’s urban adult
radio.” (MKB-MI)

1240 WJIM Lansing, MI Nov. 22 1706 fair w/PSA for Girl Scouts, local wx:
“that’s my latest WJIM forecast”.  (MKB-MI)

1250 KBRF Fergus Falls, MN Nov. 23 0918 fair o/WGL w/run-down of local job
openings in Fergus Falls, Battle Lake and Elbow Lake, MN.  (MKB-MI)

1250 WGL Fort Wayne, IN Nov. 23 1700 ID as “Fort Wayne’s talk radio is 1250
WGL” into CBS news.  (MKB-MI)

1360 WOEN Olean, NY Nov. 20 0700 all alone on frequency w/top of hour ID,
“your station for news, weather and sports, now CBS news on your hometown
station, 1360 WOEN, Olean”, into CBS news.  (MKB-ON)

1430 WFOB Fostoria, OH Nov. 24 0917 good w/local obituary announcements.

1470 WPAO Farrell, PA Nov. 21 0643 ID as “weather and more on AM 1470 WPAO”,
then lost under WLQR.  (MKB-ON)

1550 WDLR Delaware, OH Nov. 23 2121 creaming CBE w/Ohio State vs. Florida
State basketball, ad for Best Western Delaware Hotel.  (MKB-MI)

1570 CKMW Winkler, MB Nov. 24 0859 fair and virtually alone on frequency
w/ad for Southland Honda, time check “one minute before 8 o’clock on CKMW”
into C&W song.  (MKB-MI)

Pan-Am DX:

640 CM___  Radio Progreso, Guanabacoa/Las Tunas CUBA Nov. 23 0537 UTC/0037
EST blasting in w/political commentary by woman, several Progreso IDs and
numerous mentions of Castro.  As CMQ, this used to be heard almost nightly
in Toronto, before CFYI usurped the frequency. (MKB-MI)

670 CMQ Radio Rebelde, Arroyo Arenas CUBA Nov. 23 0530 UTC/0030 EST wiping
out WSCR w/political commentary slamming U.S. “imperialsimo”. (MKB-MI)

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