Re. [HCDX] Unid on 6985 AM
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Re. [HCDX] Unid on 6985 AM

> Hello,
> At this time (1840) I am hearing two unids on 6985AM. One male voice in Ar
> reciting Quran verses (sounds like) and one female voice in a
> language which
> I cannot identify. Thought of R. Gaalkacyo because I can hear R.
> Hargeysa on
> 7530u, too, but the signal seems too strong for that (S6 with
> deep fading).
> Any ideas?
> 73, Enzio

The one in Arabic might be Jordan spur from 7155. Other spur,
but weaker can be heard on 7325. These spurs are on every
now and then.
Jari Savolainen

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