[HCDX] Email QSL: CJOB 680
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[HCDX] Email QSL: CJOB 680

Hello again, after a long time!
Just received my first QSL (emailed) after moving from South Africa to England earlier this year.
680 CJOB Winnipeg MB, Canada.
Heard at the DXpedition in Sheigra, N Scotland on 08/11/00 and report sent to 930 Portage Ave, Winnipeg, MB, R3G 0P8.
Email reply on 27/11/00 from Mike Giasson; mgiasson@xxxxxxxx
I posted the report on the 20th November.
Greetings to all those who I have corresponded with in the past especially Paul Ormandy and Patrick Martin. DX up here in Europe is certainly different than in Cape Town. Oh how I long for that uncluttered MW band!!!
Vince Stevens
Pangbourne nr Reading