[HCDX] BBC instructs staff on using revolving doors - Ananova alert
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[HCDX] BBC instructs staff on using revolving doors - Ananova alert

The BBC has printed 3,000 leaflets to explain to staff
how to use new revolving doors at the White City TV
centre in London.

The Automatic Turnstile User Guide explains to staff
how to use their access token for entry and exit and
has several diagrams showing how to safely enter and
leave the building.

The diagrams say the first step for staff is to use
access tokens on the doors and a "beep" will sound.
Then they are asked to move immediately into the
available space when the door will automatically turn
as the person walks around.  However, users are told
not to push.

Step three tells the user to exit as the opening
becomes available.  To to exit the building, the
process is reversed.

A BBC spokesman said: "We did have new security doors
installed for security purposes. They are
electronically controlled and require a special pass.
People were getting stuck in them, so these leaflets
were produced as a one-off but they are mainly aimed
at visitors."

The spokesman would not reveal the cost of printing
the leaflets which some reports have suggested was as
much as £1,400 with thousands more spent on
consultation, planning and design.

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