[HCDX] From the Andes to the World
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[HCDX] From the Andes to the World


-Times UTC

*RADIO COCHIGUAZ will be active hoisting the pirate flag,
 on 11440 khz USB, according to this schedule:

-Sat 2 Dec 2000

->  20.00-21.00 "Q 103" Jazzlighthouse
->  21.00-22.00 Dark Pampa Radio
->  22.00-23.00 "Q 103" Jazzlighthouse

 Our technician moved now the crystal to the exact fq. of
 11400 USB, and we will repeat the same stations because
 the bad propagation of the past weekend.

-For reports write to: (Pls add return postage)

-"Q 103" Jazzlighthouse, Ostra Porten 29, 44254 Ytterby, SWEDEN.
 Email: jazzlighthouse@xxxxxx
-DPR, Casilla 5251, 1000 Buenos Aires, ARGENTINA or, also
 via DPR, Casilla 159, Santiago 14, CHILE.
 Email: darkpampa@xxxxxxxxx
-Radio Cochiguaz, Box 159, Santiago 14, CHILE.

 FFFR, ;-)

 Radio Cochiguaz op.

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