[HCDX] DX news 03.12.2000
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[HCDX] DX news 03.12.2000

Daniele Canonica, SWITZERLAND
RX JRC 535 with 30 meter of LW antenna+MLB & ALA 1530

New DX:

BRAZIL Radio Caiari (presumed) 4785 khz, 2231-2302, religious px in
portuguese, female voice, phone number, no ID, very low signal SIO 121
(Canonica, Nov. & Dec. 26-02-03)

BRAZIL Radio Aquidauna (presumed) 4795 khz, 2340-0010, portuguese px but to
low for the ID, QSA 1! SIO 111! (Canonica, Dec. 03)

TANZANIA ZANZIBAR Radio Tanzania 11734 khz, 1655-1700, very good signal QSA
9, tipical african mx, at 1659 ID by woman as "...Radio Tanzania..." after
"bip" signal and s/off (Canonica, Dec. 02)

NEPAL Radio Nepal 5005 khz, 0005,  severe static noise, with fades but good
signal, mx, chants, ID (Canonica, Dec. 03)

AUSTRALIA VNG Llandilo (time signal) 16000, 0723-0731, QSA 7, SIO 343, "bip"
and voice time each minute, at 0730 complete voice ID (Canonica, Dec. 03)

73 Daniele

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