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[HCDX] special request

Dear all,

I have a special request.  As you know, our hobby is still kind of a marginal
in the world of hobbies.  One of the reasons is that our hobby is not known
among the general public.

As you all know, I have a website about our wonderful hobby.   Now, the most
popular Internet magazine in Flanders is having a popularity poll of amateur
homepages.  If you all would vote for my homepage, it would get a good result,
more people would visit it, and maybe, just maybe, some people might get
an interest in our hobby and join the world of DXers.

In case you want to support this, this is how to vote for my site (the site is
in Dutch
but don't let that refrain you from voting!):

1. surf to http://computer.clickx.be/public/verkiezing/ and click on the button
"Stem nu!"
2. Here you are asked to vote for the three best local e-commerce sites.  Click
any three
you like and fill in your e-mail address at the bottom of the site.  Then click
on the "Stem"
button at the bottom.
3. Now you're on the page that matters.  Click the tick box in front of my
(Herman's DX Homepage) -you'll find it in the first column- and then click on
"Stem" at the
bottom of the page.
4. You then get to the contest page (in case you want to win something - but I
think this will count for foreign people), but you don't fill in anything and go
to the bottom
and press "Verzend".
5. That's it.  Thanks a million!

Many thanks in advance for your support!


Herman Boel

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