[HCDX] (HCDX) Important QSLS?
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[HCDX] (HCDX) Important QSLS?

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QSL are very important in this day. Stations are getting harder to QSL.
Most of the time when I post a QSL I get others writing me asking for
more information. QSling in my humble opinion is more important than a
lot of the stuff that is posted on the lists. QSLing used to be a vital
part of this hobby. Are we going to start deciding what piece of DX info
we wont include. So what if someone has to hit the deleate botton. I do
the same thing a lot of the time. I would much rather do that that not
have all postings included.
Being basically a MW DXer I could care less about most International SW,
but I am happy it is there for others to read. 



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