[HCDX] WRTVH in Australia
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[HCDX] WRTVH in Australia

John Wright folks Australian Radio Dx Club.
Just received 40 books from WRTVH.
Only had the book 5 minutes...but the Australia and New Zealand,and
Pacific stations have been updated with information....current to about
mid August...a 100 per cent improvement.
first impressions are that, David Bobbitt has got some good people now
helping with the production, and has listened to the major complaints.
So hopefully there is a future for the WRTVH....better go and ship out
the delivery....to other Dxers...

Also Radio Australia.....thru what the staff have been thru....
its a credit to them to have gone this far without resorting to strike
action. Craig Seager entirely spot on...as is Bill.
John Wright.

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