[HCDX] Cuba News Items
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[HCDX] Cuba News Items

Two Cuban radio items:

"Cuban Round Table: The Battle of Ideas" is a weekly panel
discussion program, which is aired Monday  through Friday
(local) on Cuban TV and radio, including RHC's shortwave
frequencies, according to RHC's English program on December
6.  No specific times were given.  This is touted as a new
program, which apparently began Monday, November 27.  This
would explain the discussion program I noted on GMT November
29 until roughly 0240 on RHC's 6000 kHz frequency.  When I
rechecked at about this time, they had already switched into
RHC's English programming.  The "Cuban Round Table" program
was parallel the Rebelde national network on MW and 5025 SW,
as well as the provincial Radio Cadena Habana MW
frequencies.  However, it wasn't carried on Progreso or any
other national network. I didn't get around to checking any
other provincials or locals.  So, this will no doubt appear
weeknights on various MW frequencies, and maybe interrupting
some RHC shortwave programs in the future.

Jay Novello's log last month (from Exuma, Bahamas) log of a
Radio Cubitas appears to be a reincarnation [now in
time-share form with the Radio Cadena Agramonte station in
the Sola area] of a once dedicated station.  Happened to be
flipping through very old WRTH's tonight and stumbled across
a Cubitas entry on 1560 in the 1983 edition, listed as a
local and from Sola, Camaguey (which is the nearby
WRTH-listed Cadena Agramonte site).  This entry switches to
1550 kHz from the 1985 through 1989 editions, after which it
(and any entry with a different name from the same city)
cease.  The timeframe of the Cubitas entries are roughly
when Ron Schatz was feeding his list to the WRTH (c.f. 1986
edition with his photo under the Cuba section).

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