[HCDX] DX-Camp Bavaria
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[HCDX] DX-Camp Bavaria

Hello everywhere,

once again I spent some beautiful days on the DX Camp Bavaria. The
ionospheric conditions were pretty good on the tropical bands, which
rendered possible some nice catches from PNG and Indonesia. The mediumwave
specialists had some highlights, too. For the first time I succeeded in
tuning in to a MW-station from Korea.

Due to the central European midwinter conditions we had prolonged reception
possibilities of exotic radio stations almost around the clock. So I could
listen to Radio Educación from México and to NBC Port Moresby until 12.00
hours local time. The Voice of Guyana was audible in the morning like a
local one and faded out at around 9.00 UTC. Altogether I could hear a lot of
stations from all over the world. In the following list however I selected
stations from Latin America only (except Brasil) and from the Pacific

My DX-equipment:

260m Beverage antenna to Asia/Pacific
300m Beverage antenna to Bolivia/Perú
Location: Somewhere in southern Germany; 49°47' north, 11°08' east

The Beverage antennas were installed 1.20 m above the ground.

By the way I completely agree with Bjarne Mjelde, who called the Kongs Fjord
DX-camp a social event. It's true indeed. Besides of DXing we had a lot of

As usual I can offer Real Audio sound files of the following stations:

R Imperio, Perú, 67.1 KB
R Madre de Dios, Perú, 116 KB
R New Ireland, PNG, 96.5 KB
R Vanuatu with the well known yellow bird, 96.5 KB
Voice of Guyana, 57.3 KB

If someone has interest, please let me know. And now to the loggings in


2310  ABC Alice Springs, December 7, 2005-2010, English, local weather
report and temperatures, pop songs,  // 2325 // 2485.  SINPO  4 3 4 3 3-4

4910  ABC Tennant Creek, December 8, 2130-2135, English, news,  // 4835  //
5025, ID: "This is ABC". SINPO  3 5 4 3 3-4


4409.8  R Eco, Reyes, December 8, 2310-2315, Spanish, Andean music, ID.
SINPO 23322

4471.7  R Movima, Santa Ana de Yacuma, December 7, 2230-2235, Spanish,
LA-pop, ID: "Música, información en Movima, la radio para Ustedes".  SINPO

4552.3  Radiodifusora Trópico, Trinidad, December 8, 2305- 2310, Spanish,
mensajes.  SINPO  33323

4681.4  R Paitití (presumed), Guayaramerín, December 7, 2235-2245, Spanish,
phone calls from listeners, man talking, tentative ID.  SINPO  22322

4716.7  R Yura, December 8, 2250-2300, Spanish, mensajes, flute music
(zampóña), ID.  SINPO  23322

4732.3  R La Palabra, Santa Ana de Yacuma, December 8, 2300-2305, Spanish,
international pop songs, ID.  SINPO  23322

4766.2  R Constelación, Guanay, December 7, 2300-2315, Spanish, report about
a local event, two speakers, ID.  SINPO  22322

4796.5  R Mallku, Uyuni, December 7, 2320-2330, Spanish/Quéchua, political
information, program changing between Quéchua and Spanish.  SINPO  22422

4876.9  R La Cruz del Sur, La Paz, December 7, 2220-2230, Spanish, Andean
music, ID.  SINPO  34433

4926.5  R San Miguel, Riberalta, December 7, 2215-2220, Spanish, comunicado
(message) as follows: "Atención, Señora Francisca Lucca desde Riberalta ..."
SINPO  33423

6054.4  R Juan 23 (presumed), San Ignacio de Velasco, December 7, 2250-2256,
Spanish, LA pop, sudden sign off, so no chance for ID.  SINPO  23322

6134.8  R Santa Cruz, December 8, 2240-2250, Spanish, report about the
inauguration of a power plant  by the Bolivian President Hugo Banzer; the
President pointed out that the new power station would accelerate the
economic development of the country.  SINPO  33423


4960.3  R Villa, Santo Domingo, December 9, 2105-2125, Spanish, usual
bachata music, romantic songs, ID; extremely early fade in.  SINPO  24422


3279.6  La Voz del Napo, Tena, December 10, 0055-0105, Spanish, guitar
music, ID.  SINPO  32532


4052.5  R Verdad (presumed), Chiquimula, December 9, 0040-0055, Spanish,
marimba music, woman talking.  SINPO  1 3 2 2 1-2


3289.8  GBC Georgetown, December 8, 0625-0635 and 0800-0845, English, relay
BBC World Service, excellent signal with S=9+10 at around 0630. SINPO at
that time 55434. Later on from 0800 to 0845 I tuned in to GBC again and
could listen to a special Ramadan program from the Guyana Islamic Institute
with Quran lectures in English (!) and Quran singing. ID: "Voice of Guyana".


4769  AIR Port Blair, December 10, 0025-0035, Hindi, Indian songs, local ID,
news.  SINPO  35534


3214.8  RRI Manado, December 8, 2135-2145, BI, Indonesian pop music
presented by man, ID.  SINPO  33323

3264.7  RRI Gorontalo, December 7, 2115-2130, BI, Indonesian pop music,
local ID and QRGs.  SINPO  33423

3324.9  RRI Palangkaraya, December 8, 2150-2200, BI, Indonesian soft pop
music, ID.  SINPO  33323

3395.2  RRI Bandar Lampung, December 7, 2025-2035, BI, soft pop music,
discussion.  SINPO  33423

3905  RRI Merauke, December 7, 2040-2055, BI, man talking, pop songs, Happy
Birthday song, advertisement, extremely strong signal with S=9+10.  SINPO

3976.1  RRI Pontianak, December 9, 2005-2015, BI, advertisement, woman
talking, local ID.  SINPO  32322

4003.2  RRI Padang, December 8, 2120-2130, BI, man talking, traditional
Indonesian music.  SINPO  22322

4753.3  RRI Makassar, December 8, 2110-2120, BI, Indonesian pop music.
SINPO  33423

4789.1  RRI Fak-Fak, December 7, 2055-2110, BI, Indonesian pop songs, usual
RRI ID at 2106.  SINPO  23322


6010  R Mil, México Ciudad, December 9, 0735-0745, Spanish, love songs,
advertisement, time announcement, jingle with ID.  SINPO  22422  QRM by a
Russian speaking station.

6185  R Educación, México Ciudad, December 8, 0845-0900, Spanish, romántic
song of the 40ies and 50ies, ID: "Radio Educación, onda corta, México".
Audible that day until 1100.  SINPO  24433


4725  R Myanmar, Yangon, December 9, 1320-1345, Burmese / English, nice
Burmese songs presented by woman, program in English at 1330; report about
economics, trade and business between Myanmar and neighbouring countries.  S
INPO  25433


1566  FEBC, December 8, 1945-2000, Korean, Christian songs with electronic
organ music.  O=3-4


3290  R Central, Port Moresby, December 8, 2000-2040, English, news in
parallel with 4890 until 2015, then local program, nice south sea music,
X-mas song "We wish you a Merry Christmas", local ID.  SINPO  33423

3315  R Manus, Lorengau, December 7, 1955-2005, English, Pidgin, relay news
of the national program from 2000 to 2003, then local program.  SINPO  23322

3905  R New Ireland, Kavieng, December 7, 1925-1950, English, Pidgin,
Christmas songs, soft pop songs, clear ID by woman at 1932; phantastic
signal with SINPO 34423; fade out at 2015. No trace of RRI Merauke at that
time. Merauke came through later on. Interesting QRG that day!

4890  NBC Port Moresby, December 7, 2010-2020, English, Pidgin, news in
Pidgin, ID: "Voice of PNG", pop songs, excellent signal with S=9+10.  SINPO
also audible on 8.12., 0735-0800 and around 1145, via long path, weak
signal, but clear channel.  SINPO  15432

9675  NBC Port Moresby, December 9, 0745-0800, English, soft pop music,
intervall signal and ID.  SINPO  32322  QRM by R Canção Nova


3234.9  R Luz y Sonido, Huánuco, December 9, 0020-0030, Spanish, Andean
music, ID.  SINPO  23322

4389  R Imperio, Chiclayo, December 9, 0010-0020, Spanish, huayno music, ID.
SINPO  2 5 3 2 2-3

4420.9  R Bambamarca, December 9, 0005-0010, Spanish, two men talking,
tentative ID, weak signal.  SINPO  13322

4655  La Voz del Campesino (presumed), Celendín, December 10, 0040-0050,
Spanish, Andean music, tentative ID.  SINPO  23322

4775  R Tarma, December 8, 2335-2350, Spanish, pasillos, ID.  SINPO 33423

4855.6  R La Hora, Cusco, December 8, 2330-2335, Spanish, Andean music,
advertisement, ID.  SINPO  22322

4890.2  R Chota, December 8, 2325-2330, Spanish, commercial for a
"Ristorante Cristal" in Chota, ID.  SINPO  22322

4950.1  R Madre de Dios, Puerto Maldonado, December 8, 2230-2240, Spanish,
child songs, ID: "Radio Madre de Dios internacionalmente contigo".  SINPO

4955  R Cultural Amauta, Huanta, December 8, 2315-2325, Spanish, comunicados
(messages), a certain Señora Yolanda should not worry about her brother, ID.
SINPO  33433

4992.5  R Ancash, Huaraz, December 10, 0005-0010, Spanish, pasillos.  SINPO

4995.6  R Andina, Huancayo, December 10, 0015-0020, Spanish, comunicados,
advertisement, jingle, time announcement, ID.  SINPO  22322

5486.7  R Reina de la Selva (presumed), Chachapoyas, December 8, 2355-2400,
Spanish, mensajes, weak signal.  SINPO  1 3 3 2 1-2

5678  R Ilucán, Cutervo, December 8, 2350-2355, Spanish, advertisement, many
IDs, "Radio Ilucán para todo el mundo".  SINPO  24422

5699.9  R Frecuencia (presumed), San Ignacio, December 9, 2350-2400,
Spanish, huayno music, tentative ID by woman.  SINPO  12322

6535.8  Radiodifusora Huancabamba, December 9, 2315-2325, Spanish, Andean
music, time announcement, comunicados, ID.  SINPO  22322

6673.2  R Andina, Huancabamba, December 9, 2305-2315, Spanish, pasillos,
time announcement, ID.  SINPO  23322

6956.6  La Voz del Campesino, Huarmaca, December 9, 2255-2305, Spanish,
nuany music, ID.  SINPO  23433


4960  R Vanuatu, Port Vila, December 9, 0700-0730, French / Bislama, man
talking in Bislama until 0715, then ID in French, traditional song, Italian
hit from Gianna Nanini, yellow bird at 0730. SINPO  35423


6310  R Canada Internacional, December 9, 2325-2335, Spanish, report about
the economic situation of the Mercosur countries. This station is reported
as UNID in the Mohrmann list. Maybe a spurious signal of RCI.


5580.3  UNID LA-station, December 7, 2315-2320, Spanish, Andean music, man
talking, signal too weak for ID.  SINPO  14322

vy 73 to all

Michael Schnitzer  -  mschnitzer@xxxxxxxxxxxx

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