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To make the debate about "QSL's published or not" to an end (from my point of view) I want to tell you about some very nice catches I have been happy to get the last weeks (many of them thanks to nice contributions to different bulletins on mailing lists):

Clandestine: Radio Liberté, Congo 15820 answered with an email to the following address: MLCongo@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx Their secretariat is in Gbadolite / Congo-Zaire. Signer: Olivier Kamitatu. Web: www.mic-congo.org. Starts again in December. (BEFF)

Clandestine?: Voice of Hope via Madagascar-12060 answered with a very personal email, promising to send me additional material by snailmail. Signer: Jane Namadi, 23 years old and presenter of the programme in English. email: jnamadi@xxxxxxxxxx (BEFF)

Clandestine?: Falun Dafa Radio via Bulgaria-9330 answered very quickly and promised to send me a letter. Signer: Levi Browde, email: levi@xxxxxxxxxxx , who had got my mail via editor@xxxxxxxxxxxxx (BEFF)

Turkey: Capital Radio, Ankara-99.5 answered via email to capital@xxxxxxxxxx . WRTH-2000 had wrong address, so they told me the one used now: Capital Radio, Havuzlu Sokak 4/2, A.Ayranci, Ankara, Turkey. Today I received a packet of 6 stickers by snailmail. I heard the station in my car radio, parked outside my garage port in July-2000! (BEFF)

Norway: NRK Europakanalen, Ingöy Kringkaster-153 kHz, Norway (71.06N/23.59E) confirmewd my reception of their special broadcast on Oct 6th with a nice card with pictures from the transmitter site. My report was the one (together with Stefan Björn in Nybro, Sweden) that came from the mostsouthern place in Europe. V/s: Bernt Erfjord.

Clandestine: Radio Freedom (Xoriyo)-15715 answered with an email from v/s: Ogaden Online Staff. Website: www.ogaden.com (BEFF)

Yes, I am quite happy about those nice things in my collection, although most of them are email confirmations.
73 from Björn Fransson, the island of Gotland, Sweden

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