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If the bearing is 23 degrees toward Casablanca, you must be south of there instead of Spain. What is your location? Assuming there is some mistake here, have you considered Dakar, Senegal? Glenn Hauser, Oklahoma USA

From: José Mª Madrid Martínez <jmadrid@xxxxxxxxxx>
To: "Hard-core-dx \(Envio Nx\)" <hard-core-dx@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Mon, 11 Dec 2000 19:48:44 +0100

Tuned in the frequency of 765 kHz a station broadcasting in FR being identified as R. MEDI. I haven´t more dates about it, but I listened this station with transmition almost 24 hours at day. Cause of the direction that indicates my antenna from my QTH (23º) to the signal I think that the transmiter site is at Casablanca. Comparing it with the Channels A, B and C of RTM and R. Mediterranee I. of Nador by 171 kHz I observed that it is independent and handles with own programming.

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