[HCDX] RCI on 6265
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[HCDX] RCI on 6265

Hi all,
Last Sunday (Dec 10th)I tuned around in the European "pirate band" and suddenly found "The Maple Leave's Mailbag" from Radio Canada Int at 06.00 on 6265 kHz, lasting to 06.30, when a French transmission started. After a while and a lot of thinking I found them also on 6045 kHz with splendid strength. Also 6265 kHz was quite good. Now I wonder: was this a kind of spurious or maybe a pirate relay of RCI programming? I also have noted the same with Finland, YLE, heard in the clear on 6240 kHz, but with the original transmission on 6120. What do you think out there?
73 from Björn Fransson, the island of Gotland, Sweden
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