[HCDX] Nigeria listing on 7265: source is likely not HFCC
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[HCDX] Nigeria listing on 7265: source is likely not HFCC

On Sat, 16 Dec 2000, Willi Passmann wrote:

> To my knowledge, ILG is not based on monitoring observations but on entries
> in the HFCC database. So Nigeria obviously still kept 7265 kHz registered.

Out of curiosity, I just looked in the A00 and B00 HFCC databases.  In the
list of transmitter sites, both have four for Nigeria: IBN (Ibadan), IKO
(Ikorodu), JAR (Jarji), and LAG (Lagos).  On 7265, however, in both
A00 and B00 there is no listing for any of the Nigerian sites; for that
matter, even the well-known 7255 for Voice of Nigeria is not listed.  Too,
in the HFCC A00 and B00 lists of broadcasting organizations, there are no
entries for the Federal Radio Corporation of Nigeria, Voice of Nigeria, or
any other Nigerian broadcaster.  Thus, I don't know where ILG gets its
information about Nigeria on 7265, but it is presumably not from the
A00 or B00 HFCC listings.  Interesting!

BTW, for those who wish to download these listings, they are available for
free on the HFCC site in the Public Data area at http://www.hfcc.org .

Marie Lamb

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