[HCDX] Some DXped Loggings
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[HCDX] Some DXped Loggings

Loggings from DXped at Don Moman's QTH in N/E Alberta. Various beverages and a 4-30 mHz rotatable Log Periodic antenna at 90'. Rx's: Kenwood R-5OOO, Collins HF-2050, Icom IC-756 PRO HF (transceiver), Sony 2010. Dxers Mickey Delmage, Don Moman, Nigel Pimblett and Joe Talbot.

Bolivia, 6135,Radio Santa Cruz, 0820,Dec 18, om and yl with long tx, om with ID "Radio Santa Cruz La Primera...". 34333.

Congo(Republic of), 5985, Radio Congo, 2140,Dec 16,om with English tx about Saturday nights programs,lots of High Life and Local Jive mx, om with ID at 2156 "Radio Congo Brazzaville". 4443+4.

Euro Pirate, 6305,Radio Alfa Lima, 0729,Dec 17, Madonna's "Beautiful Stranger", om with phone number, call-in from Dave in Ontario Canada. 34333+. Nice catch by Nigel!

Equatorial Guinea, 15184.75, Radio Africa, 2241, Dec 17,apparently having technical trouble, all that was being bced was a statement by a om with addresses in USA/Liberia and QSL info, this twice in 20 minutes, then dead air between, weak VOA tx on Vietnam under carrier. 33333.

Guyana, 3289.77, Voice of Guyana, 0515,Dec 17, om's play by play of Australia vs West Indies Cricket match, Frank Worrell Trophy (3rd test?), QRM ute. 23332+.

India: 3315, AIR, 1502, Dec 17, om with long tx, yl with local singing, the only 90m regional heard. 22322.
4760, AIR, 1407, Dec 17, yl and om with singing, long sitar instrumental. 24333.
4790, AIR, 0007, Dec 18, om's with tx and short instrumental bridges. 32433+.
4800, AIR, 1545, Dec 17, yl with report on Prime Minister, into current affairs program. 43443+.
4820, AIR, 1525, Dec 17, 6 time pips to BOH, into English nx, ID and "Your Listening To The News At Nine" by yl, nx ends with "Goodnight" at 1545. 43444.
4840, AIR, 1445, Dec 16, om with mentions of "Mumbai", then into instrumental mx. 34333.
4860, AIR, 1514, Dec 16, program of local mx, brief tx by om. 34333+.
4920, AIR, Dec 16, 1423, Dec 16, om and yl with tx, at 1429 short drum beat, into local mx. 34333+.
4950, AIR, 1439, Dec 17, several minutes of local singing by yl, time pips at TOH. 34443+.
5010, AIR, 0031, Dec 18, yl with tx and local mx bridges, signal nearly gone by local SR in Central India. 34433+.
9700 // 11740, AIR, 1528, Dec 16, first noted with carrier, 1 time pip to 1530, yl with English nx, yl with ID "This Is All India Radio...", at 1545 "Thats All The News For Tonight Good Night", then off. 34333.

Liberia, 4760, ELWA, 2141, Dec 17, om with ID "ELWA Monrovia Liberia", choir mx, om with tx on local singing group, om with close down announcements and national anthem, off at 2201. 33433+. Fair signal with very nice audio!

Madagascar(Clandestine to Zimbabwe), 7120, Voice of The People, 1719, Dec 18, om with tx on "the farms", "Robert Mugabe" and "Edgar Tekere", signal faded out by 1728. 2+3333.

Mali, 5996 // 4782.95, RTM, 2319, Dec 16, om with long tx, several mentions of Bamako and one of Timbuktu. Signal drifting +/- 15 kHz. 33333.

Mauritania, 4845, RTM, 0233, Dec 16, om with a play/skit sounding tx, into slowly read tx, Arabic mx. 45444.

Nepal, 5005, Radio Nepal, 1314, Dec 18, om with long tx in local language, gong and flute sounding instruments, brief local mx by a group. 33333.

Papua New Guinea, 4890, Port Moresby, 1858, Dec 17, heard signing on with National Anthem, sign on prayer for the country, Elton John's "Sacrifice", more EZL mx, best on NW wire, still in at 1952, this is mid day here in N/E Alberta Canada. First noted by Don. 34333+.

Tanzania (Zanzibar), 11734.07, Radio Tanzania Zanzibar, 1858, Dec 17, guitar sounding instrumental mx, at 1859 om with "Radio Tanzania Zanzibar", 4 + 1 time pips to TOH and "Tanzania Zanzibar". Solid signal 44554+.

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