[HCDX] San Andres Island log
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[HCDX] San Andres Island log

Thanks Pentti Lintujarvi in HCDX #257 for the Cuban local Radio Metropolitana URL http://www.metropolitana.islagrande.cu/.
And my local WSUN 910 does indeed seem to be silent as per Robert Foxworth's observation in a recent HCDX.  While logging Radio Metropolitana, I never even gave the local domestic a thought.
Tonight on 910 kHz, at 2315 GMT (6:15 pm local), I had several "RCN" ID's and the usual nonstop newscast by announcers, a report on the FRCN, Colombian store ads, etc.   Six (I think) time sounders 2330, phone ringing sound effects, etc.  This is listed as RCN from San Andres Island, the Colombian dependency in the Caribbean, off the coast of Nicaragua.  Signal was good on peaks, trading fades with Metropolitana. 
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