[HCDX] DXpedition log from Lapland on the net
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[HCDX] DXpedition log from Lapland on the net

Another memorable DXpedition - LEM144 - to Lemmenjoki in the Finnish
Lapland is over. On December 2-10th I and Jim Solatie logged quite a few
interesting stations, especially from Europe, Asia and South America.
The DXpedition log and report with pictures are posted on "Freeze! DXing
Arctic Style" at:


Some of the highlights were R Berovo, Macedonia (1485 kHz), R Sud Est,
Slobozia, Romania (1600v kHz) and R Pakistan, Rawalpindi (1260 kHz), all
previously unreported in the DX press as far as we know. We also enjoyed
picking up X-band stations from Australia, Argentina and the U.S. The
log includes several interesting unidentified stations, and we would
warmly welcome your help in trying to solve these.

Finally, from the land of Santa Claus (oops, this may trigger a Nordic
debate...), Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Mika Makelainen

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