[HCDX] Fwd: Loggings from Queen Charlotte Is, B.C., Canada
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[HCDX] Fwd: Loggings from Queen Charlotte Is, B.C., Canada

SRI LANKA 15425 SLBC fair to good, with choral hymn. Time pips at 0030, and time as 0630 local, with All Asia service, in English. Parallel 9770 also fair/good with some adjacent splash. (Salmaniw, 21 Dec. Queen Charlotte Is, BC).

Unidentified 5900 Around 0100 to 0200 always just above threshold. Possible flute IS at 0100, but couldn't make out anything else. Regularly heard daily. Always wiped out later by Radio Bulgaria's Russian service which is often at good levels. Could this be Central African Republic's Radio Ndeke-Luka? (Salmaniw, 21 Dec. Queen Charlotte Is, BC).

MADAGASCAR 15320 Radio Voice of Hope with rapid xylophone interval signal at 0327, then ID in English at 0330 announcing regular transmissions each Saturday from 730 to 830 in the evening. "A program for the voiceless of Sudan". This was the first "official" broadcast. Reception good, with SIO of 3-5-4. Parallel 12060 fair, with SIO of 2-4-3.
(Salmaniw, 23 Dec Queen Charlotte Is, BC).

RUSSIA 15105 Radio Tatarstan at 0459:45 with interval signal twice and ID in Tatar. St Petersburg mentioned. SIO 3-5-4, making this a good high frequency evening. This one has usually faded out by now. (Salmaniw, 23 Dec, Queen Charlotte Is, BC).

KUWAIT 15110 Just 5 Khz up from Tatarstan, Radio Kuwait in English at 0504 with English program about Sheik Abdullah Al Salam, Kuwait's ruler in the late 40s and early 50s. Poor to fair reception. This same program heard later in day on 11990 at 1805 with excellent reception. (Salmaniw, 23 Dec. Queen Charlotte Is, BC).

GUYANA 3289.7 Voice of Guyana just above threshold at 0510, gradually fading up, but never better than poor, especiallly due to a pesky ute just below. (Salmaniw, 23 Dec. Queen Charlotte Is, BC).

CANADA 17865 At 1628 was expecting to hear LBH Radio via Sackville, but instead heard Letter from Austria, in English. Very good reception. (Salmaniw, 23 Dec. Queen Charlotte Is, BC).

UNITED ARAB EMIRATES, DUBAI. 13675 UAE Radio Dubai, heard in English closing at 1633, into Arabic. Good reception. Parallel 13630 only poor. (Salmaniw, 23 Dec. Queen Charlotte Is, BC)

ROMANIA 15365 Radio Romania International in English at 1707 with ID fair, parallels on 11940 under Arabic co-channel, 11740 good over a weak cochannel, and 9625 poor with cochannel interference. (Salmaniw, 23 Dec. Queen Charlotte Is, BC)

ICELAND 11402 Fair to good, at 1755, seemingly in USB + carrier. Until 1825 sign-off. Also heard with gongs, then into Icelandic talk at 1840 on 13860, with narrow telephone line audio. No parallels heard. (Salmaniw, 23 Dec. Queen Charlotte Is, BC)

BULGARIA 9900 At 1802, again looking for Radio Ndeke-Luka, and instead heard Radio Bulgaria in Russian, with ID. Good reception.
(Salmaniw, 23 Dec. Queen Charlotte Is, BC)

PAPUA NEW GUINEA 4890 NBC at 1847 (mid day here!) with Chariots of Fire. Poor. (Salmaniw, 23 Dec. Queen Charlotte Is, BC)

KOREA (NORTH) 6575 Radio Pyongyang in English at 1908 with fair reception. Parallel 9335.04 good. (Salmaniw, 23 Dec. Queen Charlotte Is, BC)

THAILAND 9535 Radio Thailand, somewhat overmodulated, otherwise excellent reception at 1943, about rice exports. (Salmaniw, 23 Dec. Queen Charlotte Is, BC)

ALBANIA 7210.08 Radio Albania in English with schedule at 1945. To Europe, but good reception here too. Parallel 9510 under cochannel. (Salmaniw, 23 Dec. Queen Charlotte Is, BC)

SOUTH AFRICA 11640 World Beacon to Africa at 1958 with ID and Addresses with American preaching. Excellent reception. Parallel 9675 fair, and 3230 not heard. Sorry, I misplaced my list. Some of these transmissions may be via Skelton in the UK, rather than Meyerton, SA.
(Salmaniw, 23 Dec. Queen Charlotte Is, BC)

ISRAEL 6280 IBA in English here as well at 2002 with fair reception. Also on 15650 poor/fair. (Salmaniw, 23 Dec. Queen Charlotte Is, BC)

Time for some more DXing!!...........Later...........Walt.

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