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RE: [HCDX] EWE antenna


"EWE" (pronounced as in "female sheep") has the same sound in English as the
letter "U". EWE is not an acronym or abbreviation; it is a sound similarity.

Of course, the EWE antenna is shaped like an upside-down letter "U".

I think the originator of the antenna was just being clever, and I don't
think he ever envisioned the antenna becoming popular for use around the

Guy Atkins
Bonney Lake, WA USA

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since several weeks I use the EWE antenna. After reading the relevant
articles from Floyd Koontz and John Devoldere I learned a lot about this
well running antenna system. However I would like to know the exact meaning
of the three letters EWE. I couldn't find anywhere an explanation.

I would be happy, if there is someone in the list, who is able to explain
the implication of these three letters "EWE". Thanks in advance.

Michael Schnitzer

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