[HCDX] LA band survey on 60m
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[HCDX] LA band survey on 60m

Hello again,

last night there were relatively good conditions on 60m to Latin America.

LA Band Survey  -  December 29/30th 2000  -
2300-0015 UTC (except Brasil)

4752.7  R Huanta 2000,  PRU
4790  R Atlántida, Iquitos, PRU
4800.8  R Oriental, Tena, EQA
4830  R Táchira, San Cristóbal, VEN
4832.1  R Litoral, La Ceiba, HND
4876.9  R La Cruz del Sur, La Paz, BOL
4881.1  R Comas, Lima, PRU
4904.7  R La Oroya, PRU
4926.6  R San Miguel, Riberalta, BOL
4939.5  R Amazonas, Puerto Ayacucho, VEN
4950  R Madre de Dios, Puerto Maldonado, PRU
4960.3  R Villa, Santo Domingo, DOM
4975.1  R del Pacífico, Lima, PRU
4980  Ecos del Torbes, San Cristóbal, VEN
4992.5  R Ancash, Huaraz, PRU
5020  R Horizonte, Chachapoyas, PRU
5025  R Rebelde, La Habana, CUB
5039.2  R Libertad, Junín, PRU

Comments: I couldn't catch an ID in each case, because I stayed tuned to the
stations for a while only. Except Radio Litoral from Honduras. This station
is extremely rare here in central Europe.

A Happy New Year to all

Michael Schnitzer  -  mschnitzer@xxxxxxxxxxxx
Receiver:  JRC NRD-525
Antennas: 25m longwire
                  DX-One Professional
                  EWE to South America
                  EWE to Asia/Pacific
Location:  Hassfurt, Germany

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