[HCDX] Logs: Radio Vilnius via Lithuania to N.A. & KNLS to Asia
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[HCDX] Logs: Radio Vilnius via Lithuania to N.A. & KNLS to Asia

Lithuania,  9875, Radio Vilnius,  0000-0059 to North America (English from 
0030-0059).  Heard the presumed tune-up or test on 9875kHz from 2350-0000 
consisting of a cycle of ten-second or so tone followed by presumed ID 
repeated twice.  Carrier and test tone was strong - announcement had much 
weaker audio level than the tone.  From 0000-0059 9875 was // 6120 via 
Julich.   9875kHz SINPO = 45443 and 6120kHz SINPO = 55555.  Audio level on 
9875 was weaker than 6120, and after 0030 signal on 9875kHz began fading 
in/out of Northeast of Ohio quite a bit while 6120 remained stable.  (Silvi, 
December 31)

Alaska,  9615,  KNLS,  English broadcast from 1300-1359.  Finally heard this 
one today in Northeast Ohio.  9615 has been much weaker here than the 7mHz 
frequency they used to use at this time during the past winter broadcast 
seasons.  (Silvi, December 31.)   

Lee Silvi
POBox 982
Mentor, OH 44060 USA   
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