[HCDX] Can you hear this?
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[HCDX] Can you hear this?

I wonder if I could ask for a little help from anyone reading this list living in 'the Lavant' or Middle East?

I work in the monitoring section of the U.S. International Broadcasting Bureau and we're 'testing' the performance of a potential mediumwave lease on 1314kHz from Abu Dhabi.

For the month of January only, you should hear VOA NewsNow programming from 0200-0300utc and 1600-1800utc.

If you can tell me where you are and how well we're coming in I'd REALLY appreciate it.



P.S. If you'd like to know more about IBB Monitoring, check out our web site at <http://monitor.ibb.gov>.
Bill Whitacre
International Broadcasting Bureau
Spectrum Management Division
Washington, DC 20237


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