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Thanks to Pete Taylor for the DX Tip on CX. I have been parked on 1600
khz most of the evening.

1600     WXVI     AL, Montgomery, popped on top of jumble with BG and a
female say "AM 1600, WXVI right here in Montgomery Alabama, Sunshine 16"
Into BG mx and lively prayers at 0310 EST 1/3/01. This apparently is
what I heard a few days ago.   (PM-OR)

1600    UNID   Station IDing at 0306 EST 1/3/01, but under jumble for
the most part, mentioned Arkansas, which sounded like part of an ID.

1600    UNID    FLORIDA?, man in jumble "Weather of Southern
Florida......" at 0306.30  1/3/01. Then lost in jumble. (PM-OR)

1600    KWOM    MINNESOTA, Watertown, good on top at 0459.50 EST 1/3/01,
with ID going into ABC News "This is KWOM, Watertown". (PM-OR)

1600   KATZ    MISSOURI, St. Louis, up and down most of the even with BG
and "Gospel 1600" IDs, noted at 0330 EST 1/3/01. (PM-OR)

1600   UNID    Olies station here with "Kind of a Drag" by the
Buckinghams at 0450 EST 1/3/01. (PM-OR)

All in all, 1600 sounded more like it used to about 15 years ago, so
maybe, just maybe these solar storms might be on their way out! Hope so.

Drake R8
1500' Eastern Beverage

Patrick Martin
Seaside  OR

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