[HCDX] Tropical Band log
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[HCDX] Tropical Band log

Yesterday was a very good day on the tropical bands
Log for 2/01/01:
2070       Slovensko R,Banska-Bysrica  2x1035 2000utc
2106       Slovensko R,Banska-Bystrica 3x702 1955utc
2772       VORussia,Kaliningrad,V Poor      1646
2850       R Pyongyang,First time i have heard this in Years!,wk
at1542utc,Better sig by 1600utc
2916       R Tirana(2x1458) poor                1645
3320       SABC, Meyerton                         2014
3335       CBS Taipei,Strongest ever at my QTH 1600
3365       Air Delhi,ee nx px                          1600
3492      Unid,East Euro Harmonic 4x873 s'off at 2200
3912       Vo People,Seoul,Seemed to be Intentionally Jammed,1557
3970       KRE (tent) V wk w hetrodyne,poor  1555
3985       R Echo of Hope (tent) Korean OM/YL 1553
4160       Unid Blank Carrier                       1547
4400       Unid w Very Low Audio              1538
4450 Unid Clandestine,Couldn't ID the Language due to int from a Fluttering
noise on 4448,1535u
4460        CPBS-1                                      1534
4485        Unid,Russia                                 1534
4520        Khanty-Mansiysk,Rus                 1529
4525        Nei Menggu PBS, Hohot             1525
4557        Unid KRE? Low mod                  1522
4620        Nei Menggu PBS, Hohot             1518
4635        Tajik R, Yangi-Yul                      1517
4725        R Myanmar,Yangon                    1514
4750        Xizang PBS, Lhasa  V.Low mod 1513utc
4753.443 RRI, Makassar, V Low mod       1508utc
5560 Fishermen??? Usb comms in unid eastern lang, Playing Indian MX between
5589      Unid to wk to ID                         1958

log for 3/1/01:
6974   Unid BC stn in USB w Out-of-tune Orchestral mx  1428
7090   CC unid (twn?)       Huge signal    1409
9170  CPBS, Beijing                               1407
15477.4 Unid OM Dist w HUM             1422

73's tim

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