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TOCOBAGA DX #56 - 4 January, 2001
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Terry L Krueger, Copyright 2001.  Retransmit or quote only
with full credit given to TOCOBAGA DX and all attributed
sources.  All times/dates are GMT, frequencies are kiloHertz
unless otherwise stated.

590 CUBA R Musical Nacional, Santa Clara, Villa Clara, just
for the record, they continue to shut down this national
network at midnight local.  Tonight, 0457-0507* January 4,
closing ID's by M&W at 0457 followed by instrumental anthem,
abruptly switching to the R Rebelde national network (at
0459, tonight).  The 590 transmitter has always remained on
overnight with Rebelde, though tonight it abruptly pulled
the plug at 0507.  Not sure if a fluke or midnight new
closing of this energy-burning powerhouse.  (Krueger)

910 CUBA R Cadena Agramonte, unknown city, provincia
Camaguey, noted on December 31 local evening from Ft.
Lauderdale, FL.  Possible new frequency for this one.
(David Crawford)  And the local (Tampa) station on 910
remains silent, opening the channel for opportunities.

1020 FLORIDA per Tony Simon in South Florida: "Just read in
the local "New Times" magazine that a new, from-scratch AM
will debut in the Miami area in January, 2001.  WRBF/1020,
licensed to Kendall, will run a Haitian/Creole format.
Unlike previous Kreyol operations in this area, it will NOT
be a block-programmed situation, where different programmers
buy different hours.  This will be an LMA with option to
purchase, meaning that the entire programming schedule will
be leased out to just one entity, and that entity will have
the option of purchasing the station in a few years.  They
say they will be ready with limited power for January 1,
2001, we'll see if that's the case.  Studios will be at the
former WKAT facilities at the "Sailboat Cay" condominium in
North Miami (where yours truly began his radio career, but
that's another story)."

1240 CUBA R Veintiseis, Bolondron, Matanzas, 0354-0401
January 4, mid-tempo SP vocals.  Interesting log only
because they aired a 3 + 1 time sounder at 0400, followed by
an ID. (Krueger)

1500 FLORIDA WKIZ, Key West, 0228-0234 December 27, fair
atop WTOP with Cuban oldie vocals, M SP "WKIZ" ID at 0231,
back to vocals.  (Krueger)

1500 FLORIDA WPSO, New Port Richey & 1520 WXYB, Indian Rocks
Beach, while trying to ID various Central/South American
stations on and near 1520, have noted this local station
sporadically on local nights through pre-sunrise, such as
0625+ December 24, and most nights since.  Per the FCC dB,
this is still listed as a 1 kW Class D (daytime) station, as
is their affiliate on 1500, WPSO, New Port Richey, Florida
(250 watts, Class D daytime).  Programming is mostly Greek,
for the Tarpon Springs Greek community.  So, on the evening
of December 29, I called the WXYB phone number, listed on
the web site www.wpso.com.  Both stations are often running
parallel audio when in Greek.  Surprisingly, Angelos
Angelatos, the owner, answered.  He stated that 1520 has
been active "low power" at night, as is WPSO ("five watts").
And finally on GMT January 4, 0340-0350, I was able to
parallel a threshold signal on 1500 (WPSO), with Greek
renditions of traditional Christmas songs.  A decent catch
for five watts, I guess.  I also noted that the FCC dB lists
both stations as "Domestic status: A petition to move to the
expanded band with stereo preference."  Angelos said "yes",
he has applied for X-band status for both stations, but
could not specify the frequency or frequencies.  He stated
that the channel(s) have not been determined by the FCC in
the early phase of the application (I am uncertain of the
application steps versus frequency allocation procedures).
I also asked about his WPSO web page listing of "WHBA 107.7"
FM, a station unknown to me.  Unfortunately, this is only
via cable in the Tarpon area, per Angelos.  His Low Power TV
on channel 48 remains active as well.  Several months ago,
WXYB/WPSO audio with Greek programming was noted one early
evening only, on 96.1 MHz, an unknown though presumed
unauthorized/non-licensed transmitter relaying their audio.

1590 CUBA R Enciclopedia, unknown site, noted local
post-midnight December 31.  Possible via the R Granma,
Manzanillo, Granma transmitter (overnight relay), though
unconfirmed.  Logged from Ft. Lauderdale, FL.  (David

1650 USA unidentified, 0425-0450 January 4, nonstop presumed
satellite-fed coctail vocals (Sinatra, Dean Martin and some
slightly more current) oldies, parallel audio to 1660 WMIB,
Marco Island, Florida and their weaker affiliate on 1480,
WODX.  Unable to stick around through top of hour to see
which of the many X-bander possibilities is was.  Fair.

1700 FLORIDA WAFN, Miami Springs, 0138-0201 January 4, SP
modern Christian vocals, heard thanks Tony Simon. Per Tony:
"WAFN has dropped their English All Sports "The Fan" format
and reverted to Spanish, as an affiliate of the "Voz
Cristiana" religious network.  Only local element was a
"Radio Luz, WAFN, Miami Springs" ID thrown in whenever at
the top of the hour."  (Krueger)

2440 (harmonic) CUBA R Veintiseis, Central Espana, Matanzas,
0331-0340 January 4, very good but distorted, with SP M DJ,
telco callers, ID, mention of Villa Clara by DJ.
Fundamental 1220 also decent.  (Krueger)

4052.47 GUATEMALA R Verdad, Chiquimula, 2358-0010 January 4,
tune in to SP gospel vocal, SP M ID 0000 with bird chirps
SFX under, and "... R Verdad, Apartado Numero 5, Ciquimula,
Guatemala, Centroamerica" over organ music followed by
second similar ID.  Brief talk by M and into tenor gospel
vocals.  Very good.  (Krueger)

4832.08 HONDURAS R Litoral, La Ceiba, first noted 2232-0002*
December 25, fair and improving steadily to very good w/ M
preacher in Miskito, gospel vocals, mentions of "Litoral"
and "R Litoral."  At 2329, M: "R Litoral, 4830 kHz... R
Litoral, Apartado Postal 878, La Ceiba, Honduras."  More
gospel vocals into carrier, off.  Subsequently heard on
December 29 till 2347-0005*, similar format and in Miskito
again, closing by M over music bed: "R Litoral... Apartado
Postal 878, La Ceiba, Provincia Atlantida, Honduras..." then
another ID, filler music, live M in Miskito, and off.  Also
on January 1, 2001, 2237-2350 with Miskito preacher, organ
music at good level.  (Krueger)

5009.82 DOMINICAN REPUBLIC R Cristal, Santo Domingo,
2322-2334 January 3, fair (big carriers nearby, reducing the
audio), with two SP announcers reading news, "Noticias a
Tierra" I think it was called.  (Krueger)

5770 NICARAGUA R Miskut, Puerto Cabezas, 2246-2305 January
1, SP vocals, M in Miskito, ID 2300 and into mix of reggae
and pop oldies.  Carrier + USB mode, good.  Weren't they to
have bumped their power by about the beginning of 2001?
Signal the same, and in fact first log of them in a few
weeks, though maybe I've just overlooked them.  (Krueger)

102.1 MHz FLORIDA "WFLX Southside Radio," St. Petersburg,
this non-licensed station continues to expand their
schedule: on by mid-mornings weekdays and early mornings
weekends.  Mostly hip-hop/rap/current urban daytime, with
the proprietor running things on-air daytime, often with
live remotes from Afro American small businesses and taking
live call-ins to an announced number.  Usually blends into
Caribe format by early eves with "Caribbean News Magazine,"
a live-read feature appearing somewhere between 6-7 p.m. and
rather interesting at that.  (The program is apparently
affiliated with a local hardcopy magazine, catering to
Caribbean immigrants and distributed to Caribbean groceries
and other small stores.)  Then reggae and Jamaican house
music.  The station has morphed from previous frequencies,
variant slogan ID's and bouts of inactivity over the past
two years.  Signal currently covers about 3/4 of Pinellas
County.  Interestingly, untraced on January 4, the first
time they have been silent in a few weeks.  (Krueger)


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