[HCDX] Winter SWL Festival Convention, 14th Annual, near Philadelphia, March 2001
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[HCDX] Winter SWL Festival Convention, 14th Annual, near Philadelphia, March 2001

You are invited to attended the gathering of the clan for the 14th Annual
Winter SWL Festival in Kulpsville, PA, just north of Philadelphia, on March
9 and 10. Travellers usually arrive Thursday and depart Sunday. All the
details, and registration forms, are available at

If you've attended before you know how much fun the event is. If not, we
invite you to review the picture sets from past years and listen to HCJB's
Allan Graham interview with EDXC's Risto Vahakainu of the Y2K event.

So what's new on the Winter SWL Festival Web site?

1. Partly multi-lingual: Spanish, French, German, Italian and Portuguese.
2. Now weather-smart with lots of current weather links to forecast and
3. Links to transporation, maps, tourism, media, and area webcams.
4. Scanner and amateur radio repeater links to area directories.
5. Now with a new swap meet page - check it out before loading your car!

And last but not least, there is an updated help page. PLEASE check it out.
John Figliozzi has issued a casting call, rooms are wanted by out-of-town
visitors on a budget, and volunteers are needed to help with some fest

Oh yes, we have a "Link To Us" page with a new button, designed by Ralph
Brandi, and the HTML code. If you have a Web site, please pick the button
and code of your choosing and link to the 'fest page. Thanks!

The 'fest is sponsored by the North American Shortwave Association
("NASWA"), North America's oldest shortwave broadcast-only radio club. The
club has been active in the business of sharing information about shortwave
radio since 1963. The club's motto is "Unity and Friendship".  Further
information on NASWA is available at the website

Richard Cuff, Telefax 707-313-2458, E-mail rdcuff@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx, or
John Figliozzi, E-mail jfiglio1@xxxxxxxxxxxx
Postal Mail:  Winter SWL Festival, P. O. Box 4153, Clifton Park, NY 12065

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TRS Consultants <http://www.trsc.com>
PO Box 2275, Vincentown, NJ 08088-2275, USA
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