[HCDX] World Radio TV Handbook 2001
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[HCDX] World Radio TV Handbook 2001

Anyone know where to find a decent review of the book?

This editorial review was at http://www.amazon.com/

The 55th edition of the world's most comprehensive guide to national and
international radio broadcasting, this book provides extensive, up-to-date
information on worldwide radio and television services. Featuring unbiased
reviews of the latest radio equipment and predictions for reception
conditions by seasoned experts, together with technical features
information, it is an ideal desktop partner for casual listeners and
seasoned short wave DXers alike. The directory section covers frequencies;
schedules; transmitters; broadcasting personnel; addresses; telephone and
fax numbers; e-mail and web details; and listings for broadcasts in English,
German, and Spanish.

Couldn't find any reader's reviews though.


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