[HCDX] China on 7935, 10260, 11630 kHz
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[HCDX] China on 7935, 10260, 11630 kHz

it is still more or less unclear what programs are broadcast on new CNR-4
resp. CNR-8 frequencies. According to my monitoring of 3 (Lingshi)
frequencies, they have the following transmissions on 10260 and 11630 kHz,
later in the afternoon also audible on 7935 kHz (it is what I have heard so
far, not the complete schedule):

1000-1100  CNR-1
1100-1200  Azerbaijani? (More Turkish-like language than Mongolian listed
1200-1300  CNR-1
1300-1400  CNR-1
1400-1500  Kazakh
1500-1600  Azerbaijani? (same language as 1100 - Azerbaijan mentioned always
at the start of the program)
1600-1700  UNID lang. (Mongolian - says Olle Alm)
s/off at 1700

On 10260 kHz I heard a jammer at around 1800...

Karel Honzik
the Czech Republic

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