[HCDX] CKZN 6160 and other loggings
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[HCDX] CKZN 6160 and other loggings

CANADA 6159.98 CKZN St. John's Newfounland. More monitoring has revealed that the frequency is very slightly below 6160. Was hoping for an ID at 0900 when a massive DW interval signal wiped things out. Rechecked just before 1000 for local weather forcast for Labrador and Newfoundland, and local program details. Later the same day, was able to just hear it under CKZU around 2330 tune-in, with gradual increase in strength. At 0302 already over my local CBC, in parallel with the hourly news, but with CKZN slightly behind. At 0308, As it Happens locally, and a classical music program from Nfld. Finally heard a local ID at 0459:30 as: "The CBC Overnight service now broadcasting across Newfoundland and Labrador...From Radio Netherlands to Channel Africa, CBC Overnight broadcasting province wide." Best heard on LSB to avoid 6165 splash. Hourly news, then into RFI for the next hour. I'm very interested how this station is propagating across the rest of North America (and beyond!), and how conversely CKZU is doing.
(Salmaniw, Victoria BC, 5-6 January).

LITHUANIA 9875 Radio Vilnius with very good reception at 0040 with English program about 2000 in review. Great to hear them so well again. Parallel 6120 via DTK only fair. How about a transmitter exchange with Radio Ukraine International, as the use of 9875 is so limited. Would work great to have the 0100 English broadcast relayed via Lithuania (see my RUI report below). (Salmaniw, Victoria, BC 6 January).

UKRAINE 9385 RUI poor in English at 0102, but fair to even good when rechecked at 0452. Parallel 9610 at later time was poor to fair. (Salmaniw, Victoria BC, 6 January).

PERU 6956.59 presumed Huarmaca at 0236 with fair to good strength. LA music, and Spanish talk. No definite ID, however. Strongest I've heard them. (Salmaniw, Victoria BC, 6 January).

NORTH AMERICAN PIRATE 6933.10 In AM. Tentatively Radio Bob at 0245 with music, then talk by male, then slow CW. I think I heard them say "Radio Bob", but not 100% sure. Fair reception. (Salmaniw, Victoria BC, 6 January).

That's it for now...................Walt.

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