[HCDX] China 7935, 10260, 11630 correction
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[HCDX] China 7935, 10260, 11630 correction

I must correct my assumption that transmissions at 1100 and 1500 are in
Azerbaijani. At that time I thought I always heard "Azerbaijan" mentioned at
the start of transmissions. Today there was another speaker and he
pronnounced it like two different words, something like azer-baijan with a
longer pause. So it is definitely no Azerbaijan (as target country) and I
think this transmission could be in Uighur. Still UNID for me is the
language at 1600, Ole Alm says it is Mongolian.
Still missing is Kyrgyzian - there is about 200 000 Kyrgyz people living in
the western part of China so one would expect that there will be Kyrgyzian
transmissions too. Other large minorities are Uighur (6 millions), Mongolian
(3 millions) and Kazakh (800 000).

I should be more careful next time.

Karel Honzik
the Czech Republic

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