[HCDX] Iglesia del Pueblo
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[HCDX] Iglesia del Pueblo

The Iglesia del Pueblo would like to know in what parts of the world
their test transmissions can be copied.  Reports may be sent to P O Box 122, 
S-191 22 Sollentuna, Sweden, or by e-mail to iglesiadelpueblo@xxxxxxxxxx

The tests will continue next weekend as planned, said pastor Alfonso
Ambrossi, when I dialed the number given on the program, +46 8 355455.

To make reporting a bit easier, may I add that those speaking on the Jan 7/8 
transmission were Alfonso Ambrossi, Israel Leonard, Nelson Guedes and Luis

Reception near the Arctic circle was a bit difficult, harmed by auroral flutter and
the splattering signal of a Russian superpower on 5895.

Henrik Klemetz

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