[HCDX] Evening Logs
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[HCDX] Evening Logs

 Had a chance to twist the dials for a bit this evening..nice opening to
the Pacific on 31 meters.

 9665.30 0700 KCBS Pyongyang Korean mx, nice signal in the clear 33333
 9660     0715  Radio Australia     Music program but weak signal..best
with LSB 21222
 9760     0720  NSB Tokyo 2        Booming signal with the 30 foot
vertical 43444

  Hopefully I can wake early this morning and catch some  Indians.

Patrick Buckingham
Davis, Ca

Drake R4C
Collins R390A

Wellbrook ALA1530
MLB 60 foot sloper
49mb Dipole
31mb Dipole
25mb Dipole
30 foot vertical

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