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[HCDX] Moldovan Radio

I just read this article in the "International Journal for Language
and Documentation" and thought -although not real DX news-
it might be of intrest to you:

Moldovan Restrictions
Firstly the Moldovan parliament passed a law in 2000
specifying that at least 65% of airtime on radio and television
stations must be devoted to broadcasts in the Moldovan
language. Then action was taken against a number of radio
stations, in some instances with threats of revocation of licenses
to operate. The radio stations took their case to the court of
appeal in Moldova, but the court upheld the restrictions.
The court also upheld a ruling that the Moldovan-US company
Sun-TV must broadcast the Discovery and Eurosport channels
in Romanian rather than Russian. The decision caused uproar
among Moldova's minority Russian-speaking population. The
High Commissioner for National Minorities of the Organization
for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE), wrote to Moldova
criticizing the restrictions on human rights basis.
Other international pressure followed, and in October 2000 the
Moldovan parliament decided that the law would be amended
so that it only applied to state-owned radio and television
Moldovan is a Latin language closely related to Romanian.

Herman Boel
Author of European Medium Wave Guide (http://go.to/emwg)
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