Re: [HCDX] UNID utility on 6227 kHz
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Re: [HCDX] UNID utility on 6227 kHz

Hi list,

I presume the question is in close connection to planned broadcasts of Radio
Gardarika from St.Petersburg on 6230 kHz.

Can't say anything about that particular utility; but Mikhail's question
arised some doubts about the current frequency distribution plan. As my
handbook states, 49 mb is bound into 5950...6200 kHz, while 6200...6525 kHz
is given to maritime mobile services. Are those figures out-dated at

In recent times, more and more broadcasters enter above 6200 kHz, and are
very surprised if encounter interference there.

Dmitri Mezin
Kazan, Russia

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> Message: 10
> Date: Wed, 14 Feb 2001 19:57:26 +0300
> From: "Mikhail Timofeyev" <timofeyev@xxxxx>
> To: hard-core-dx@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
> Subject: [HCDX] UNID utility on 6227 kHz
> UNID utility (RTTY?) is on 6227 kHz in the UTC evenings here in Europe
> (including1800-2100 time slot). Could somebody inform me about this
> in details? Thank you in advance for any information.
> Mikhail Timofeyev
> St.Petersburg
> timofeyev@xxxxx

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