[HCDX] News from the EDXP on HCJB
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[HCDX] News from the EDXP on HCJB

Dear Radio Monitoring Friend,

Please be advised that the next "EDXP News Report" is to be aired this
coming weekend in HCJB's "DX Partyline" program, starting on Saturday

As usual, we will be offering full-detailed EDXP QSLs (electronically or
postal mail delivered) for correct reports received here at the EDXP HQ in
Melbourne. There is an On-Line Reception Report Template in the EDXP Home
Page at http://members.tripod.com/~badula/edxp.html

There will be a special "Solar Activity Update Report" included, as compiled
by our expert analyst Robert Jones, in Sydney.

The program will also be available in RealAudio from HCJB's Home Page:

We hope you find our segment useful and interesting!

Regards from Melbourne

Bob Padula
EDXP Manager
404 Mont Albert Rd, Surrey Hills,Victoria 3127, Australia

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