[HCDX] Solar eclipse
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[HCDX] Solar eclipse

It feels like a logging of Nicaragua is as frequent as a full solar eclipse at my place. Well, read below : 
5770u   19 Feb 2325  It was a bit of a disappointment that there was nothing local here at this time. Voa news in Spanish. But it was a joy to hear the long, detailed (canned)  id of Radio Miskut, Puerto Cabezas at 2359.
Also announces 104 MHz FM.  Weak to fair signal on USB and readability just fine. National Anthem, then c/d. Never thought they would come through this good. Johan Berglund, Trollhättan, Sweden  (JB)

15385  19 Feb 1955 KJES, Vado, NM. QSA 1-2 on a clear frequency. Everytime I hear this station it's always  those kids running the whole show, ids, address, the lot.  In English at 1955, continued in Spanish 2000.  JB

15775 19 Feb 2015 Family Radio has not this frequency  listed in the winter schedule 2000-2001 as published in the WRTH.  Px in English, "Open Forum". FAQ about  Revelations. Vy good. JB

9022   19 Feb 2200 R. St. Bosnia-Herzegovia over Tehran. Albanian  I  think.  Said that they were on satellite and the internet too.  Blockbuster signal and excellent modulation.  JB

4965  19 Feb 1800 Radio Christian Voice, Lusaka, Zambia. Seems to  have good African news coverage. 
The stone-crusher on approx. 4967.4 is a pest though. JB

1660 20 Feb 0125-0305 At least three different stations here. I guess I had rather bad luck, as not one id came up when signal strenght was good. Doris Day-style mx on one, pure Mexican music on the one with best QSA and one in English with misc. talk.  There will be other nights I hope.  One of the songs heard in Spanish is probably in the top list right now , the text running "Háblame, díme que está pasando...".  Call me at home, and I  will sing it to you. That's a threat. JB 

4944.8 16 Feb 0030 Emissora Rural, Petrolina, PE, Brasil  really had one of its days. SIO 3-4, 3, 3.  JB 

73 from Trollhättan, Sweden

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