[HCDX] Old mysteries
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[HCDX] Old mysteries

Couple of years ago there was two strange
stations/frequencies widely reported. I have
not seen any definite explanations for these.
Maybe I have missed something, anyone with
more info on these?

1) Azores: R Club do Angra was heard on 13584
from Oct. 1989 till at least Apr. 1990. Station QSL'ed
mentioning their MW freq. but had no idea why
they were heard on SW. Listed MW freqs were
909 and 1394. If 10th harmonic, the 1394 transmitter
had drifted as low as 1358,4. Any ideas?

2) In 1999 on approx. 4431,7 kHz a station
with non-stop music (mainly Swedish language
dance band) for months. Utility station, pirate,
tx mixing product or what? Any ideas?

Old stuff, but still puzzling me.
Any info appreciated.

Jari Savolainen
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