[HCDX] X-Band Logs and WILM QSL
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[HCDX] X-Band Logs and WILM QSL

North Dakota, 1660, KQWB, 0230-0305 UTC, Very good signal with live 
basketball game between Concordia College and University of St. Thomas.  
Grayline reception heard quite well over  the other 1660kHz stations usually 
heard here in Ohio.    (Silvi, February 20)

Deleware - "Quarter Century Anniversary" full data QSL card , personal 
letter, coverage map, and souvenirs received for 1450kHz WILM DX Test on 
February 4, 2001.  (Silvi, QSL Received February 19)

Unid, 1630, Unid, Caught part of a talk show on 1630khz from 2340-2355 UTC.  
A caller to the station was upset about a "strip trivia" contest to take 
place on the radion on February 22, that was having female contestants from 
Reno Nevada instead of girls from Sacramento California (???).  WYRU Augusta 
Georgia suddenly came on much stronger before I could hear a station UID for 
the talk show.  (Silvi, February 21).
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