[HCDX] 9290 radio nova hrd in Italy
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[HCDX] 9290 radio nova hrd in Italy

Hi Mike,
thanks to your message I have been able to log this morning 0800-0930 hours Radio Nova on 9290 kHz really clear channel, qsa= 2-3 . jingles "nova" and mentioning "..we are broadcasting 24 hours a day on 9290 kHz...." good pop songs. Do you know if they have e-mail QTH for rpts?
By the way Radio  Studio Doma Gardarika is also heard regularily on 6230 kHz every evening 1900-2100 hours qsa=3-4 , not so much problems with utility 6227 kHz here in Italy. Very good jingles and modern Russian rock music. Good dx's Dario.