[HCDX] MW log from Sicily
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[HCDX] MW log from Sicily

Hi all,
good MW conditions tonight in Sicily:

1030	22/2,0150-0225 Radio del Plata (Buenos Aires, Argentina) 22312
2 YM in SS: " domingo... una vision cristiana... Telephone... " - Time
Signal - Adv - mx and songs - Interview - YL

1190	22/2,0200-0220 Radio América (Buenos Aires) 22312
YM talk  in SS - mx

1040	22/2,0210-0220 Radio Capital (São Paulo, Brasil) 21312
YM talk  in PP - ID

73 de Salvo Micciché (SWL IT9/4639/RG),
Co-Rad and MondoRadio DX Club

Kenwood R-5000  -  Sangean ATS909  - Ant 60 mt longwire + MLB, Medium Waves
Loop  FX AL IIId (designed by italian dxer F. Golzio)
Monitoring in Scicli (Sicilia, Italia)  JM76IS (36°47'N  -14°42'E)

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