[HCDX] From the South American Andes
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[HCDX] From the South American Andes


-Times UTC

*RADIO COCHIGUAZ will be active in Europe via the facilities
of the Station "Q 103", according to this schedule:

-Sun 11 Mar 2001

-> 15.30-16.30
   Frequency: 11440 khz

Station Q 103 starts around 14.30 with a programme in
finish language.
If the conditions on 11440 khz are not good, the frequency 
will be moved to 48m-band, around 6310 or even at 6910 khz.
The transmission will be from the old fishing vessel of the
Station Q 103, it's planned so, but, it will depends also of
the weather conditions!.
We hope you can hear this offshore relay.

-For reports to us, write to:

-Radio Cochiguaz, Box 159, Santiago 14, CHILE.

 FFFR, ;-)

 Radio Cochiguaz op.

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