[HCDX] TWR Bolivia and Sri Lanka
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[HCDX] TWR Bolivia and Sri Lanka

Some info I recently received from TWR HQ
which might be of interest to listeners.

Some years ago, TWR operated a 12.5kw SW transmitter
at the Puttalam site. It was decided that the coverage it
offered was not sufficient reason to keep it operating
because the MW signal gave most of the same area
as well.  The old SW transmitter was probably scrapped.
TWR had a 100kw SW transmitter scheduled to go to
Sri Lanka for a while, but it was decided not to do SW from
Sri Lanka. The transmitter was sent to Swaziland instead
to replace (1999) one of the old 50kw units that had been
used there for a long time. 

A 50 kW MW transmitter to start in Bolivia. The 50kw unit was
one TWR used a short time on Bonaire for local broadcasting.
When they installed a new 100kw MW transmitter there, they
decided to help their Bolivian partners by providing the 50 kW
unit to them. It's not yet on the air. No frequency or ID info
available yet. 

Jari Savolainen

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