[HCDX] Missing Boy
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[HCDX] Missing Boy

KF4YRR is my grandson's call sign.  Josh is a 16 year old who is missing.  I
know he has only been gone since 7 am central time yesterday morning 3/13/01,
but he has evidently been showing some personality changes and skipping
school.  He got his first car last week.  He evidently took his short-wave
radio with him but no extra clothing. He is wearing a dog collar and blue
hair, something new for him.

If you have any information about him, please email me at jgreen9877@xxxxxxx
 or email his aunt at sdingram@xxxxxxxxxxxx

Please get this message to as many shortwavers as possible.  I do not live in
the same state-he is from Alabama-I am in SC.  I remember that the
shortwavers used to be a tight community of helping people.

JoAnne Green