[HCDX] Australian and NZ MW guide
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[HCDX] Australian and NZ MW guide

Hi folks,
The Second edition is now released for sale for US10-00, of the ever
popular Australian and NZ Medium wave guide.

Has ideas of making a loop antenna, and a few other tips, the nthe
frequency order listing with up to date address's. comes bound, ofr easy
Also for free is the free updater service which is sent to you
automatically in about 6 months by airmail to update your guide.
A fair amount has happened in our X band 1600 thru 1701 so revison is a
All for a US10-00.....A banknote or you can pay by Visa card or
Mastercard....(the credit cards are charged at 20-00 Australian
dollars), as the exchange rate is half as we speak so will leave it at
this amount), so US10-00 note or AUD20-00 credit card.

To email    dxer@xxxxxxxxx

or mail to
John Wright,
C/-ARDXC inc
Unit 4,
33 Kerrie Cresent,
Peakhurst 2210,

Thanks all.

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