[HCDX] AM DX NewsFLash - 3/15/01
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[HCDX] AM DX NewsFLash - 3/15/01

         WELCOME TO THE AM-DX NEWSFLASH  -  March 15 2001
                            Vol 6  No 50

Deadline for next issue - Thursday, March 22 2001 @ 1400 UTC

Send all contributions to me @ phil@xxxxxxxxxxx
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CPC Chairperson (IRCA) - Lynn Hollerman - lynnhollerman@xxxxxxxxxxx

    * 3/18/01 Sun - 0100-0200 - KRLD - 1080 - Dallas TX (OFF THE AIR)
    * 3/18/01 Sun - 0135-0229 - WTIC - 1080 - Hartford CT (OFF THE AIR)
    * 3/25/01 Sun - 0000-0400 - WMIB - 1660 - Marco Island FL (NRC)

***From Bill Hale (NRC):
  Just in from Erik Disen of KRLD . . .
  "KRLD will be off the air on Sunday morning, March 18, from Midnight 
to 2:00 AM, CST.  When we get done with our work, we will return to the 
air, but no earlier than 1:00 AM.
  "The purpose of this off-air time is to re-install the common point RF 
current meter, the device that sets the nighttime power level of  KRLD's 
  "For the record, it's Sunday morning, March 18, 2001."
  Just in. . .
  From Jeff Hugabone of WTIC via Eric Disen of KRLD . . .
  "WTIC WILL GO OFF 1:35 AM UNTIL 2:29AM local time SUNDAY MARCH 18TH  
(So lets see- thats 35 min of WTIC and no KRLD, and at least 25 minutes 
of no WTIC OR KRLD.)

Sunday, March 25, 2001 - WMIB-1660, Marco Island, FL will conduct a DX 
test from 12:00-4:00 am EST.  The test will consist of rock 'n' roll, 
old jingles, and "general silliness". The Ops Manager at WMIB says that 
while he doesn't have the ability to do code IDs, he will try to run a 1 
kHz tone at the top of each hour.
  Reception reports (with return postage) may be sent to:

Phil Beckman
Ops Manager
601 Elkam Cir #5
Marco Island, FL 34145
  Mail: philbeckman@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx
  (Arranged by Phil Beckman for the NRC.)

PLEASE NOTE: Even if you don't hear a test, be sure and drop a card, 
letter, or e-mail to the station personnel, thanking them for going to 
the trouble to run a test!

Also, if you hear a test, PLEASE, PLEASE let me know, via either e-mail 
or in rec.radio.shortwave! And if you send a reception report to a 
station, please remember to include return postage with your report...





FREQ.  CALL SIGN                   OLD INFO         NEW INFO

 820  WYPA  CHICAGO, IL          STUNTING          SPORTS - 1 ON 1
1010  KGUY  MILWAUKEE, OR        TALK              ADDS GREESMAN
1110  KEOR  ATOKA, OK            S. GSPL           C&W - RADIO ONE
1380  KSRV  ONTARIO, OR          CL. C&W/ TALK     TALK
1480  WYMR  BRIDGEPORT,AL        WKEA- TALK        STNDS - WW1


WA  LACEY           KBRD- 680         CHANGES XMTR SITE TO 47-03-44
                                      CHANGES XMTR SITE TO 42-14-50
                                      CHANGES XMTR SITE T 32-23-12
MO  LIBERTY         KCXL-1140         ADDS 5 WATTS NIGHTS
MT  SHELBY          KSEN-1150         INCREASES TO 10000 WATS DAYS
                                      CHANGES XMTR SITE TO 48-28-52
WA  ELLENSBURG      KXLE-1240         CHANGES XMTR SITE TO 47-00-09
MS  CLEVELAND       WDSK-1410         CHANGES XMTR SITE TO 33-45-56
GA  ATHENS          WXAG-1470         CHANGES XMTR SITE TO 33-59-14
                                      250 WATTTS NIGHTS
                                      CHANGES XMTR SITE TO  39-12-43


PA  CARNEGIE        WZUM-1590         DECREASE TO 1000 WATTS DAYS/24
                                      WATTS NIGHTS

Don Kaskey - kaskey@xxxxxxx

  This morning (3/6) on 1270 at 7:17 am the announcer on KPLY-Sparks was 
giving a promo (very large spin) on the move of all sports radio KPLY to 
1230 kHz on Monday March 12th....
  This would lead one to believe that KCBN will move to 1270 also, 
probably with NOS format....
  I'm sure this will go over great with all their (KPLY's) fringe 
listeners. They are very listenable in S.F. 70% of the time...
  Also, because my daughter taught me some Mandarin phrases this summer 
I was able to log KMRB-1430 solid atop at 7:30 this morning. No sign of 
nearby KVVN who is Vietnamese...KMRB was giving many ads/promos in 
Mandarin but had a nice EE ID at 0730, albeit heavily accented...Is the 
city of license here still San Gabriel....

**Frederick R. Vobbe - fredv@xxxxxxxxxxx

  I heard that 1530-WLSP (Lapeer MI) is off the air.  Also, CFCO-630 
(Chattam ON) seems to be having some problems.  I noticed a slight FMing 
of their carrier when I looked at it with a monitor.  Any reports on 
these two stations would be welcomed.

Horacio A. Nigro - hanigro@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  URUGUAY 650 CX6 SODRE is broadcasting 24h since March 1. Its SW 9620, 
is not used all over this full period, though. (Nigro-Uruguay, Mar 11)

*Dennis Gibson - dcgibson@xxxxxxxxxxxxx

>From the CGC Communicator:
  KVVQ(AM), Hesperia (California), to KRAK

Ronald Gitschier - wgsr1570@xxxxxxxxxx

  This will be the end of WGSR 1570 AM Fernandina Beach, FLorida. The 
owner is pulling the plug and I get to ride the station to the end with 
my usual flair.
  Hope you'll listen tonight. I am leaving Jacksonville for Fernandina 
Beach, FL right now. Show starts in an hour. Call entertained over 
904.277.0630. Hope Mr. Hogan can call in so we can reminice.

***John Wright - dxer@xxxxxxxxx

Australian and NZ MW guide

  The Second edition is now released for sale for US10-00, of the ever 
popular Australian and NZ Medium wave guide.
  Has ideas of making a loop antenna, and a few other tips, then the 
frequency order listing with up to date address's. comes bound, of easy 
  Also for free is the free updater service which is sent to you 
automatically in about 6 months by airmail to update your guide. A fair 
amount has happened in our X band 1600 thru 1701 so revison is a must.
  All for a US10-00.....A banknote or you can pay by Visa card or 
Mastercard....(the credit cards are charged at 20-00 Australian 
dollars), as the exchange rate is half as we speak so will leave it at 
this amount), so US10-00 note or AUD20-00 credit card.
  To email    dxer@xxxxxxxxx



*Richard Toebe - Davis CA - richtoebe@xxxxxxx

Grundig 3400 Satellit, Radio West Loop

Two almost logs, Pat:  DX is improving!  CBX was strong under KCBS in 
null of Mexican as well.

 740  XEVAY?  Mexico, Puerta Vallarta  3/7 0702 UTC. Noted in strongly 
       but under KCBS with "La Mexicana", calls partially heard, mention 
       of "Punta Siete FM"; also heard "Puerta"; Fred Cantu's Mexican 
       Radio-TV site lists a XHVAY in Puerta Vallarta on 92.7.  (RT-CA)
1560  unid  Mexico?  3/7 0350-0445 UTC. Spanish language covers of pop 
       music, 70s tunes like "Summer Breeze" and Elton John's "Your 
       Song"; noticed first driving home on car stereo, missed ID on the 
       hour because of electrical interference.  At home with the 
       Grundig, faded up and down, till KNZR resumed broadcasting at 
       0445 with sportstalk.  IRCA Mex Log 6 indicates XEMAS the best 
       fit; XEFAJ would be more likely because of higher power I would 
       think but format doesn't fit.  Talk by male never gave me a clue 
       as to location, should have taken a different turn just before 
       the hour, hi! (RT-CA)

***Bogdan Chiochiu - Pierrefonds PQ - chiochiu@xxxxxxxxx

  3/8. The last night was a rather poor night for DX-ing Latin America, 
except from Cuba wich really blow me away. Even 1 of my regulars was not 
there (Venezuela-750), but the cubans have filled the low-band (525 - 
1000 kHz). I have even managed to log a new cuban on 630. It`s an out-
let of Radio Progreso network. It was CMOA from Isla Juventu. Radio 
Reloj was verry strong at times on 570 with no sign of WMCA at all this 
evening. Radio Progreso put-in excellent signals on 640 and 890, and the 
new log for me, 630 was usually fair and at times mixing with CHLT/WPRO 
and WSKN (from San Juan, Puerto Rico - not a new catch for me, yesturday 
afternoon, while listening throught one of my tapes, I have discover a 
Super Cadena jingle audible in the back-ground of the WPRO/CHLT/CFCO 
mess, wich was clearly audible. It was back in December 2000, 1 day 
before December 31. I put up also this Puerto Rican into my logbook), 
however, except from this puerto rican and the cubans, the other 
stations were poor. No sign YVKS on 750 wich was dominated by WSB, HJAJ-
RCN Barranquilla was poor, barely audible. The Radiodifusora Nacíonal de 
Colombia station in Urbia on 610 was only audible for 5 minutes and then 
fade-out to nothing (there was no sign of WIP, conditions may have been 
quite auroral). However, even with the poor conditions to the rest of 
Latin America, this good opening to Cuba was with no exageration the 
best since I begun involved with medium-wave back in October 2000. I 
have logged my first Latin American (CMOA on 630 with R, Progreso) since 
the mid-February when I got YVQO Union Radio from Puerto La Cruz on 640 
kHz. I have put it on m logbook and you will see it this sunday when I 
sent to you my logbook. I sent it once a week.
  Also does anyone know if the cubans are good verifiers of reception 
report ? I would like to send a reception report to the CMOA station of 
Radio Progreso and maybe to other stations. Did one of this stations 
have a web-address. R. Reloj use to have one, but I don`t know if it`s 
still running. I did`n`t have visited it, since a long time.

  Here are my Pan-American logs from the evening of March 7, 2001. It 
was a poor night for Latin American DX, except for Cuba wich really blew 
me away. The conditions to Cuba were VERRY GOOD. It was one of the best 
cuban evenings here in my QTH, near Montreal. I have even meneged to log 
a new one, it was CMOA from Isla Juventu on 630 kHz with a fair and 
steady signal, which fades occasionnally from fair to good, or from fair 
to poor, but it`s still fair during most of the evening, usually over 
the CHLT/WPRO/WSKN mess, in CFCO null, but sometimes for a couple of 
minutes, it did fade also under the mess. Now into my logs:

Equipment: AM/FM radio with tape recorder and CD player with a relativly
long internal ferrite bar antenna and with decent 

        Logs for Wensday March 7, 2001

 530  RVC Radio Visíon Cristiana Internacíonal (South Caicos, Turks and 
       Caicos) fair signal, with a preacher in Spanish. 
 570  CMEA Radio Reloj (Pilon, Cuba) very good with no sign of WMCA, 
       news in SS with morse code RR at each minute, never heard with 
       this signal strenght and interferences-free signal before
 600  CMKV Radio Rebelde (Urbano Norris, Cuba) poor-to-occasionnally-
       fair, usually over WICC-Bridgeport
 610  HJ?? Radiodiffusora Nacíonal de Colombia (Urbia, Colombia) good, 
       way over WIP for 5 or maybe 6 minutes and then gone 
 630  CMOA Radio Progreso (Isla Juventu, Cuba) fair signal during most 
       of the evening, new log for me, //CMBC-640 and CMDZ-890. Usually 
       630 is dominated by WPRO and CHLT during the evening at my home 
       and occasionnally by WSKN from Puerto Rico, but I`ve never heard 
       Cuba here, until the last Wensday. The show "El Ritmo".
 640  CMBC Radio Progreso (Guanabacoa, Cuba) fair-to-good-to-very good-
       to excellent during the evening with the show "El Ritmo"
 640  YVQO Union Radio (Puerto La Cruz, Venezuela) breifly heard in the 
       background of Cuba with SS news-talk by telephone by a male. Fair 
       signal in the background of CMBC
 670  CMQ Radio Rebelde (Arroyo Arrenas, Cuba) briefly heard the last 
       evening with a poor-to-fair signal and some slops from local-690 
 760  HJAJ RCN (Barranquilla, Colombia) usually poor signal during most 
       of the Wensday evening with the sports show "La Copa de Todorte".
 890  CMDZ Radio Progreso (Chambas, Cuba) good signal during most of the 
       evening with //CMOA-630 and CMBC-640, note in passing that the 
       correct QTH is Chambas and not Santiago de Cuba

  I hope that every DX-ers in my area have enjoyed this exceptionally 
nice cuban opening.
  Now I have a few questions for you:
  What is the power of the CMOA, Radio Progreso outlet in Isla Juventu 
on 630 kHz ? Is it a low-powered or a high-powered outlet ? I have heard 
several times around 600 and on 710 and several others, some political 
speechs like on 710 which for over 20 minutes was heard over WOR with 
talk about the Fidel Castro visit to Venezuela. This outlets were of 
course, Radio Rebelde. I have heard several outlets of the Radio Rebelde 
netowrk and all have a lot of programming with Fidel Castro monologues. 
My question is, does other cubans carries the Fidel Castro monologues on 
the air. Did Fidel Castro have been ever a DJ at Radio Rebelde ? It`s 
look so for my own listening ! If anyone have more information about 
Fidel Castro on Radio Rebelde and about the Fidel Castro travel to 
Venezuela which aired on the 710 kHz outlet which I have heard a few 
above 20 minutes of it, before it`s gones under WOR with 2 tropical 
cuban songs between 2 tele-talk by males about his venezuelan visit, 
please let me know. In fact the 710 station is my first Latin American 
ever logged since I begun DX-ing the AM band in October last year. I 
have heard them over WOR with sports. The first unidentified LAm wich is 
still unidentified is 1600. I suppose WLUZ from Puerto Rico, but I`m not 
sure. There is too much QRM from co-channel WWRL (in New York) to hear 
them longer than 2 or 3 minutes over WWRL wich is not enough for an ID. 
I suspect even a domestic spanish, as well as 2 ecuadorians, but I`m not 
sure at all.

**Rick Kenneally - CT - woodlandview@xxxxxxxxx

 530  WPML750  CT  Darien? 3/7 0700 Parking advisory during Bradley 
       Airport construction, then "You are listening to the CT Highway 
       Advisory Radio Network, station WPML750, broadcasting under a 
       license from the FCC and the Connecticut Dept. of 
       Transportation." (RWK-CT)
 730  CKAC  PQ  Montreal  3/5 0403 FF talk, commercial mentioning Glen 
       Miller & Friendds, then CKAC 730, Montreal ID. (RWK-CT)
 730  WOHS  NC  Shelby  3/6 2100 Bad signal w/Hornets game, pause for 
       stn ident "WCSL Cherryville, W??? ???, WOHS, Shelby" then back to 
       game. (RWK-CT)
 730  WPIT  PA  Pittsburg  3/6 1900 M: "You are tuned to WPIT AM 730.  
       The following program is sponsored by World Missionary 
       Evangelism, Dallas, TX" o/WACE. (RWK-CT)
1550  WITK  PA  Pittston  3/8  1830  Definitely not the "WITR" calls I 
       had listed.  Fairly dominant on frequency w/"WICK Scranton 1400, 
       WYTK Plaines/Wilkes-Barre 13-40, WITK Pittston 15-50 and all of 
       Northeast Pennsylvania" then sung slogan I couldn't understand 
       then Neil Sedaka "Sweet 16".   (RWK-CT)
1570  WNST  MD  Towsen 3/3 2300 Way over WISP w/"Nasty Nationwide ... 
       only on Baltimore's 24-hour all-sports station.  Nasty 15-70 
       Sports, WNST, Towsen/Baltimore". Then back to 1on1. Note, not the 
       calls I had. (RWK-CT)
1590  WCBG  PA  Chambersburg 3/6 2100 PSA about home fire safety by 
       woman, then recorded man: "AM 15-90 Chambersburg, Pennsylvania", 
       then, oddly, the same ID repeated again.  Terrible QRM from my 
       local unid TV-like noise generator. (RWK-CT)
1590  WVNA  AL  Tuscumbia  3/7 2100 Rotten reception under crowd and QRM 
       (SIO 211).  Man: "North Alabama's intelligent source for talk 
       radio, WVNA AM 15-90", then woman: "... best talk, the best 
       sports coverage..." then into news.  (RWK-CT)

**David J. Twiggs - Bristol CT - aa1jm@xxxxxxxx

 590  WHVW NY HYDE PARK - 03/04 1323 "Best hits" ID, included an old 
       cigarette ad "Winston tastes good like a cigarette should..." 
       Oldies. (DT-CT)
 630  CFCO ON CHATHAM - 03/04 2219 Newer country music, Garth Brooks 
       etc. ID. (DT-CT)
1310  CIWW(p) ON Ottawa - 03/12 - Many "Oldies 13-10" ID's and jingles 
       between songs, mentioned Ottawa in a win a jukebox contest 
       announcement. (DT-CT)
1330  WESR ONLEY VA - ID, "Classic country WESR", Dr. Laura promo. 
1330  WJSS MD Harve de Grace - 03/09 0653 - "You're listening to WJSS, 
       13-30 AM, your multicultural ...faded" English ID, into Spanish 
       religous program. (DT-CT)
1330  WYSN PA SOMERSET - 03/09 ID, "Sunny 13-30, WYSN" nostaligia music. 
1340  WIRY NY Plattsburg - 03/12 2200 - ID at top of hour, CNN news. 
1340  WMSA NY Massena - 03/12 2157 - "Forecast from WMSR, sleet ..." 
       followed by "Solid Gold Soul" program. (DT-CT)
1370  WKMC PA ROARING SPRING - 03/08 2249 "Here's the WKMC forecast..." 
       followed by nostalgia music. (DT-CT)
1390  WDCW NY Syracuse - 03/12 2227 - Contemporary Christian music, ID, 
       "your family christian station." (DT-CT)
1430  WNAV MD Annapolis - 03/11 0700 - Sunday morning community interest 
       program, call in with local politician re: property tax. (DT-CT)
1430  WPNI MA Amherst - 03/11 0800 - NPR format with "Morning Edition" 
       program, full ID at top of hour. (DT-CT)

Yaesu FRG-7; Terk Loop.

**Barry McLarnon VE3JF - bm@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  A while back, I mentioned my futile quest to log Wyoming, my nearest 
unheard state.  KTWO seemed like the best bet, so I've gotten in the 
habit of checking 1030 in the evening just before they're scheduled to 
go off their day pattern (if I happen to be around at the right time, 
and remember!). In March, the magic time is 2015 EST.  This evening I 
had an inkling that conditions might be favorable when I tuned to 1090 
around 1900 and noticed KAAY with a nice signal, dominating the usual 
WBAL and CKKW.  From 1945 I was hearing two stations on 1030 under WBZ - 
one with religious programming (probably WCTS) and one with a basketball 
play-by-play.  I didn't get the names of the teams, though maybe I could 
dig this out of my recording, but in a station break just before 2000 I 
was rewarded with a crystal clear "KTWO" ID.  Woo hoo!  1510 miles!  
Persistence is rewarded.

  Slim pickings so far this month.  There's been some good Latin 
American signals the last few evenings, but nothing out of the ordinary, 
except... on Mar 8 I had a tentative logging of YNLN-640 in Managua... 
alas, no positive ID, just lots of mentions of Nicaragua.  Has anyone 
else heard this one lately?

Regular loggings:

 750  WWKK MI Petoskey - 03/03 2340-2350 - Oldies, e.g. Sonny & Cher 
       "The Beats Goes On", then an ad for "the Old Sportman's General 
       Store, on US 31 just north of Petoskey", poor to fair with fading 
       in WSB null. New. (BM-ON)
 930  WFMD MD Fredrick - 03/04 0705 - "WFMD radar weather mid-Maryland" 
       from meteorologist John (?), then ID "WFMD with news, weather, 
       public affairs and inspirational programming - Fredrick's 
       newsradio 930, WFMD", fair, mixing with WBEN. (BM-ON)
1030  KTWO WY Casper - 03/10 1945-2005 - Basketball play-by-play, clear 
       "K-T-W-O" in break for ID just before 2000, poor-fair, about even 
       with nulled WBZ and presumed WCTS. On ND day pattern until 2015, 
       per FCC website. New - WY #1! (BM-ON)
1090  KAAY AR Little Rock - 03/10 1859-1905 - Weather forecast, ID "AM 
       1090 KAAY Little Rock", into USA Radio Network news and sports, 
       good, well over WBAL and CKKW. On ND day pattern until 1915, per 
       FCC website. (BM-ON)
1470  WPAO PA Farrell - 03/05 2359 - Heard in pre-TOH lull: "Christian 
       music for the valley, AM 1470 WPAO Farrell-Youngstown", poor with 
       growl on the channel. New. (BM-ON)
1580  WLIJ TN Shelbyville - 03/11 0730 - Religious music, ID "it's now 
       6:30, you're listening to WLIJ 1580 AM stereo here in 
       Shelbyville, Tennessee", weather forecast, good, over WSMO & 
       others. (BM-ON)
1580  WTCL FL Chattahoochee - 03/10-11 2330-0004 - Urban contemporary 
       music, then a series of PSAs, apparent s/off at 0004 with "WTCL 
       1580 Chattahoochee" ID, mostly on top of the 1580 jumble, 
       dominant at times - running a trifle late for a daytimer! (BM-ON)
1600  WHJB PA Bedford - 03/05 0830 - "Focus on the Family" show, with 
       discussion of "National Prayer Day", ID, good, all alone on the 
       channel. (BM-ON)

Maybe someone can help with this one:

1490  UNID ?? Callsign was given twice, sounding like WGAL or something 
       very similar (WGEL, WJAL, etc.).  Nothing on 1490 seems to match, 
       but they didn't say "1490", so it could be // an FM or other AM.  
       They did a promo for a "Disney on Ice" show coming up on March 
       28, but I couldn't decipher the name of the arena.  A search on 
       "Disney on Ice" didn't turn up any likely candidates.  Any ideas?  
       Oops, forgot a couple of details: this was at 1829 EST on March 
       8, and I think they said "newsradio" after the callsign on one 

**Russ Edmunds - wb2bjh@xxxxxxxxxxx

  Likely Lancaster PA, as WGAL is the local TV outlet. It also used to 
be on AM, but can't remember if it was this facility or not.

*Pat Martin - Seaside OR - mwdxer@xxxxxxxxx

1000  KKIM  NM, Albuquerque, good on top of KOMO off Eastern Beverage 
       with Rel. talk show at 0145 EST 3/10. ID at 0159.30 EST  "KKIM AM 
       1000, Christmas Talk Radio" Into lively Gospel mx at 0200. They 
       must be running 10 KW Day power. New (PM-OR)
1460  KKCS  CO, Colorado Springs, fair on top of KUTI with a business 
       talk show. At 0459.45 EST 3/12 "Hot Talk 1460, KKCS, Colorado 
       Springs." Into Net news (PM-OR)
1460  KLTC  ND, Dickinson, fair u/o KKCS with ID at 0505 EST 3/12 "KLTC" 

Drake R8, 1500 ' Eastern Beverage

***BERGLUND JOHAN - Berglund SWEDEN - johandx@xxxxxxxxx

1305  09-Mar 1705 Belgium.RTBF Radio Trafic, tx Marche fair signal, 
       mostly non-stop music with a few breaks about roadworks etc. So 
       this is the old RTBF2 tx for regional px of Namur-Luxembourg-
       Brabant Wallon, if I got it right. Just a note :The stations on 
       1125 and 1233 are listed as having  Radio Trafic PLUS, indicating 
       another program. Will try to check.
1305  09-Mar 1710 UK. Premier Radio shot up with an ID "This is 
       Premier", challenging the Belgian traffic channel for a few 

**Saul Chernos - Burnt River ON - schernos@xxxxxxxxxxxx

  At Burnt River ON, 100 miles n.e. of Toronto, using various portables 
and a radio Shack loop (too much snow to put out the north-south wire, 
and too tired to bother finding the east-west one, buried in the snow):

Last couple days were very nice for AM DX. Times Eastern:

 540  WWCS PA Canonsburg 3/7 1843 Radio Disney NEW
 660  XEDTL MEX Mexico City 3/7 2312 SS and numerous local and regional 
       references NEW
 730  WACE MA Chicopee 3/7 1758 g-talk & local references NEW
 810  WPIN VA Dublin 3/7 1821 "Inspirational 810 WPIB" & g-music NEW
 830  WCRN MA Worcester 3/8 1735 nostalgia music (see notes below) NEW
 840  WKTR VA Earlysville 3/7 1804 "The Ministry Station" & full ID & g-
       music NEW
 900  WILC DE Laurel 3/7 1747 SS talk & local ads NEW
 950  WROL MA Boston 3/8 1735 talk // 730 but not 830 (see notes) NEW
1130  KFAN MN Minneapolis 3/8 0755 ESPN & sports (w/ WDFN MI) NEW
1240  WCBY MI Cheboygan 3/9 0500 ID RELOG
1280  WHVR PA 3/7 Hanover 1718 country music & Baltimore Orioles promo 
       NEW - #1000
1300  KGLO IA Mason City 3/9 0732 ID & central TC NEW
1300  WRDZ IL Chicago 3/9 0724 Radio Disney & local phone number NEW
1320  WFHR WI Wisconsin Rapids 3/9 0731 IDs & local ads NEW
1320  WILS MI Lansing 3/10 0733 Nostalgia & IDs NEW
1330  WMNN MN Minneapolis 3/8 0805 IDs RELOG
1340  WMID NJ 3/7 Atlantic City 1707 local ads & oldies NEW
1340  WMTE MI Manistee 3/9 0818 ID & local ancts NEW
1340  WWLF NY Auburn 3/8 1708 Radio Disney NEW
1350  KRNT IA Des Moines 3/9 0341 Nostalgia ID "KRNT Summer Vacation 
       Tour" RELOG
1380  KAGE MN Winona 3/10 0806 AP Network news & local news & "Cagey 
       Country" NEW
1420  WOC IA Davenport 3/9 0400 ID RELOG
1460  KXNO IA Des Moines 3/10 0744 ID & QTH RELOG
1600  WMCR NY 3/7 Oneida 1700 ID NEW


* There seems to have been a change at 830 WCRN MA Worcester. See my 
logging above. Heard nostalgia music and a very clear ID. Yet, not 
running parallel to 730 WACE MA Chicopee or 950 WROL MA Boston, which 
had a talk program (I think with Christian or health theme). The NRC log 
lists all three (and others) running in tandem.

****Mike Brooker - Toronto ON - aum108@xxxxxxxxxxx

Receivers: Panasonics RF-2200, RFB-45, Times: EST (UTC-5)

 920  CJCH NS Halifax - 03/08, 1900 - over usual pest CKNX with top of 
       hour ID: "This is talk radio 920 CJCH" into Broadcast News.  
1480  WADR NY Remsen - 03/08, 1800 - topping WHBC with promo for Jim 
       Rome show, triple-header ID: "WRNY 1350 Rome, WADR 1480 Remsen, 
       and WUTQ 1550 Utica", into NASCAR news report from the 
       Performance Racing Network. (MKB-ON)
1500  WGHT NJ Pompton Lakes - 03/06, 1800 - fighting off partially 
       nulled WTOP with end of local weather, into sign-off announcement 
       mentioning 1000 watt power and www.ghtradio.com web site.  QSLed 
       as WKER in 1977.  (MKB-ON)
1510  WNRB MA Boston - 03/08, 1925 - over WLAC with non-ID "Boston's 
       50,000 watt home for sports, AM 1510", into One on One Sports 
       talk on college hoops.  (MKB-ON)

**walter breville - FL - walterlb@xxxxxxx

  Last night March 9 I was thrilled to hear nostalgia music, then a man 
"Prime time radio" followed by a lady "AM 740".  This has to be CHWO 
Toronto, my second Canadian logged since I moved to Central Florida two 
years ago, the other being Toronto's 860. CHWO was strong enough for a 
few minutes to give semi-local WQTM (ex-WWNZ Orlando) a good fight. Both 
are in line with each other, making nulling no good.  Used the Grundig 
700 portable, barefoot. 1100 miles.

Tim Hall - Chula Vista CA - halls@xxxxxxxxxxxxx

Delco car rx

1660  WPJP551 CA San Diego  3/14 1345 San Diego Convention Center 
       station is here now, ex-1620, with usual info about convention 
       center parking.  Still using incorrect calls WPJ551.  (TRH-CA)
1690  TIS  CA San Diego  3/13 2125	New TIS testing at San Diego 
       International Airport (Lindbergh Field).  One-sentence test 
       message does not include any call letters.  Gets out pretty well.  

*kevin redding - Mesa AZ - amfmtvdx@xxxxxxxxx

Heard on a DX-398 and Radio Shack 15-1833 loop:

1150  XEUAS MEXICO, Culiacan, Sinaloa MAR 14 1200 with ID and under XESO 
       which was dominant. Announced it was from the Universidad 
       Autonomo de Sinaloa. (KR-AZ)
1150  XESO MEXICO, Ciudad Obregon, Sonora MAR 14 1200 over XEUAS with 
       national anthem and power up with sign on. Then playing oompah 
       banda music. (KR-AZ)
1510  KMND TX, Midland 3/13 0400 After Art Bell a ToH ID for KMND 1510 
       and KRIL 1410. Apparently they are // these days. (KR-AZ)

**Bruce Conti - Nashua NH - BACONTI@xxxxxxx

  Someone recently mentioned the graveyard-like qualities of 1570 kHz.  
I typically receive WNST, WISP, and WBUG.  But it's really no worse than 
when the frequency was once dominated by CFOR and CKLM.  Here are more 
1570 logs...

1570  WFLR  NY  Dundee - 3/5 1905 - Poor; Finger Lakes southern tier 
       weather forecast briefly over WNST. (BC-NH)
1570  WPGM  PA  Danville - 3/5 2000 - Poor; "You're listening to WPGM... 
       96.7 FM, WPGM..." heard through WISP. (BC-NH)
1570  WYTI  VA  Rocky Mount - 3/5 1830 - Fair; ad for jewelers in 
       downtown Rocky Mount, then ID "WYTI Rocky Mount" and C&W music. 

R8B, MWDX-5, 100-ft wire, 100-ft east sloping wire.



**neil kazaross - neilkaz@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  3/8. Tonite about 815 PM CST I heard on 1520 o/u KRHW w/KOMA in a big 
fade a CW station that IDed as "FM 96.3 playing it loud" Followed by 
what sd/lk "If you don't like it, tough"
  Any Ideas..I struck out on the web trying to find out what this may 
be. I suspect it is somewhere between SE and SW of my northern IL QTH as 
my antenna favors the south greatly.

**Bruce Conti - BACONTI@xxxxxxx

  There's a C&W music station in Kentucky on 1520 that simulcasts 96.3 
FM; WRSL Stanford.

**Paul Greenspan - Marshfield MA - PGreen1950@xxxxxxx

  Received a strong signal between 1915 and 1930 last night 3/8/01 here 
in Marshfield, MA. No stop lecture by gentleman on how to identify a 
chickadee. We have an Audabon Sanctuary nearby but not aware that they 
transmit. Any ideas? 

***Jarmo Patala - jp@xxxxxxxxxx

  Serbo-croat 1566. this is the 2nd programme (Dva ?) of Radio Jasenica, 
which they have started on medium wave by the beginning of this year. 
Earlier there was same programme on AM/FM. The 1st programme is still on 
FM. Radio Jasenica has been on the air for 30 years now and they also 
own a newspaper within the same name "Jasenica"
  This was verified by the station month ago when I heard it and got an 
e-mail verification back. Not any information on the current schedule or 
raise of transmitter power though despite I asked that later. 

**Pete Taylor - Tacoma WA - taytac@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  I was trying for a cleaner re-tape of the KLBS-1330 Los Banos 10PM PST 
signoff Thursday - but they didn't sign off.  Rather, they stayed on 
with commentary for another hour.  I never got an actual signoff, but 
the carrier dropped at about 11:05PM.  I haven't tracked it since then 
to see if this was one-time-only or represents a new regular signoff 
  During the 10-11PM PST period, KWKW dominated with very unusual 
programming.  The music was mostly minor key, with long sax solos, tear-
jerking ballads and almost classical Spanish guitar.  It sounded like 
Portuguese-accented Spanish.  Basque programming perhaps?  Spanish 
nostalgia?  The produced KWKW ID broke into the music at 11.  It was 
followed by a heavy piece which sounded like it was done by Enya.
  Dave Gleason and others, it would be great if you could tell me what 
niche KWKW is shooting for in the LA market (along with a format 
description of all the other LA Spanish language stations).
  KLBSseemed to just fade out around 11 - and then come back with some 
sort of unreadable announcement at 11:04 (no call letters).  In the 
middle of this, there seemed to be a free floating "KBLV" ID.  Does 
anyone know what this could be? A KLBS call change?

**David Gleason - david@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  What you heard on KWKW with Portuguese accented Spanish and dirge-like 
music was paid Religious programming from a church with its base in 
Brazil called the Iglesia Universal. They reputedly pay over 1.2 million 
a year for two hours at night on KW.
  KWKW is all brokered or paid programming 6 PM-6 M and 24 has on 
weekends. They are talk 6 AM-6 PM, and carry dodgers and lakers in 
season, even if it interrupts paid programs (Dodgers pay to broadcast, 
also). Simulcasts with KWKU-1220
  KTNQ-1020 Simulcast with nostalgia/oldies KRCD/KRCV FM 5 AM-7 PM 
"Recuerdo", paid programming nights and overnights.
  KHJ-930 all ranchera as La Ranchera nueve-treinta. 
  1390 Radio Nueva Vida, all Spanish religion. teaching and music.
  1430 Asian and Spanish brokers.

**Saul Chernos - schernos@xxxxxxxxxxxx

  Has WEEI Boston switched to WSBO and Fox ? Heard an ID and Fox 
programming on 850 on Wed 7 march at 1808.

  * "Power 1030" ID with black gospel. Cuts in mid-song on Wed 7 March 
at 1812 (suspect power decrease at SSS). This does NOT appear to be 
WUFL-MI per their Web site.
  * 1580 with SS Ranchero-type music. Hear an ad mentioning something 
like Mayfield Mall, which could be San Antonio TX or anywhere else. Wed 
7 March at 1832.
  * Rollye James show on 1300 on Fri 9 March at 0355. I checked her site 
and the station list is admittedly incomplete (completion scheduled 
soon) and also the Talk America site (which doesn't seem to have a 
  * 1300 with World Wide Web News Network Fri 9 March at 0403.
  * 920 with NPR at Fri 9 March at 0518. I'm pretty sure this is WBAA 
West Lafayette IN but I want to rule out other stations.
  * Has WEEI Boston switched to WSBO and Fox ? Heard an ID and Fox 
programming on 850 on Wed 7 march at 1808.

**Doug Smith W9WI - w9wi@xxxxxxxx

  WBAA is the only NPR station on 920.  Their night pattern favors you.

**Tom Dimeo - tom@xxxxxxxxxx

  Wonder if anyone knows where Dick Summer is and what he is doing?  
This is the Dick Summer who was on WBZ in the 1960s and on a New York 
station or two during the 1970s and maybe the 1980s.

**Pete Kemp - radioguy@xxxxxxxx

  Dick Summer was down in Philly area.  I don't believe that he is on 
the air. He is doing voice overs.  He can be heard doing spots and 
infomercials for the law firm of Binder & Binder.  Here are some of this 
stops along the air.

WROW [Albany NY] 1956
WNHC [New Haven CT] 1957
WCPO [Cincinnati OH] 1958
WIBC [Indianapolis IN] 1959
WIL [St. Louis MO] 1959
WIBC [Indianapolis IN] 1959
WISH [Indianapolis] 1961
WBZ [Boston MA] 1963
WNEW-FM [New York NY] 1968
WNEW [New York] 1969
WMEX [Boston] 1969
WPLJ [New York] 1972
WNBC [New York] 1974
WYNY [New York] 1979
WPIX [New York] 1982
WTMX [Chicago IL] 1991

***Mikhail Timofeyev - timofeyev@xxxxx

  Could you tell me any information about "Evreysky Kanal" (="Voice of 
Russian Jewry"), New York based station = WTIR (?) call. Thank you very 
much for any information about this station (see also their 
  Are they really broadcasting on AM/FM in N.Y. ?

***Marie A. Lamb - malamb@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  If they are on AM or FM, it's not under a callsign of WTIR.  According 
to the National Radio Club's AM Radio Log, WTIR is a tourist information 
station from Winter Garden (near Orlando), Florida, broadcasting on 1680 
kHz. I think there is a Jewish-formatted station in the New York City 
area, but I cannot recall what the callsign or the frequency may be.

**Tony Simon - WLMCBuzzed@xxxxxxx

<<Does anyone know what a call sign might be for 1560 "The Touch". Maybe 
Melbourne, FL... now that my station is off... coming in here.>>

1560  "The Touch" is indeed Melbourne, Fla., new calls are WAOA(AM), to 
match the ones of sister station "WA1A", WAOA-FM.

**Frederick R. Vobbe - fredv@xxxxxxxxxxx

  If someone could help this gentleman, it would be the nice thing to 
  From: Fred Lundgren - ceo@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
  I have a few questions regarding AM.  Any help would be appreciated.
  What is the highest quality AM radio receiver available from the 
consumer market today?  What, if any,  brand of consumer radio receivers 
are best for after market upgrading?  Who in the industry does after 
market upgrading?
  I am so tired of purchasing poor quality radio receivers (and paying 
mega-bucks) to twenty-somethings in electronics stores who think AM 
refers to the time of day!
  Before I die of old age, I would love to find a quality AM receiver 
for my automobile!  Any thoughts?

***Jeff - RI - jdarche@xxxxxxxxxxxxx

  Monitoring a possible French language station on 1375 Khz 3/15@0230- 
Playng a variety of music, talk and news at 0300. Quite strong signal 
and easily heard above the adjacent noise. This doesn't fit any freq 
plan that I know of.  Also getting het on 1377 as expected.



*Pat Martin - Seaside OR - mwdxer@xxxxxxxxx

 630  KXLI  WA, Opportunity, rec. QSL form in 12df. V/S:  Bud Nameck (no 
       title). Address:  500 West Boone Avenue, Spokane  WA  99201
 730  CJNW  CANADA, Vancouver  BC, rec. form letter in 43d. V/S: Mark 
       Friesen-CE. Address: 700 West Georgia Street  #700, Vancouver BC  
       V7Y 1K9 Canada. (PM-OR)
1220  WLSD  VIRGINIA, Big Stone Gap, rec. handwritten letter in 21d, 
       comfirmming my tentative taped report. Station does run 44 watts 
       ND at night! V/S: Ray Church-DJ, Address; WLSD, 724 Park Avenue  
       NW, Norton VA  24273.This is one of my best domestic catches. It 
       is nice to have a QSL from this one!  (PM-OR)

***Joachim Stiller - jst@xxxxxxxx

1570  WGSR Fernandina Beach for DX test on Feb 3, 2001. Photoprint 
       letter with details and photo of Ron Gitschier, the QSL manager 
       of the station. Address: 707 Dade St, Fernadina Beach, FL 32034



**Mark Connelly - MarkWA1ION@xxxxxxxxxx

  {The following is an excerpt from some recent correspondence with 
Gerry Thomas of RadioPlus Electronics.}
  Life goes on, as they say, and I expect my radio involvements to get 
back on track even though I won't have all those Cape Cod weekend trips 
to juice up the logbook.  Local outings are still on hold: in the 
northern and western suburbs of Boston we got slammed with 2 feet of 
snow earlier this week (on top of as much as a foot of existing cover).  
My home QTH set-up is passable for European DX, mediocre to Africa, but 
poor to South America and the Caribbean (I guess because of hills in 
that direction).  I really am looking forward to the after-work beach DX 
outings, but those look like a distant-future thing if you took a peek 
out the window here right now.
  The loop experiments at East Harwich did produce some interesting 
results.  Mainly I was looking at both absolute weak signal audibility 
(signal to amp. noise ratio) and raw S-meter readings.  The former is of 
prime concern with a good communications receiver; the latter is more 
important with cheaper receivers (especially portables) where the 
receiver's own lack of sensitivity is the biggest problem.  I did give a 
bit of attention to ease of nulling, and achievable null depth.
  I have some additional tests that I want to do before publishing the 
article.  One problem I ran across was, even near midday, really weak 
high band stations (above 1300 kHz) exhibited some skip-related strength 
variation over time.  That's what you get from trying to do these types 
of tests during the winter.  In any event, the high-band usable 
sensitivity differences aren't as great as the low-band differences.
  So what happened in Loop Tests, Part 1 ?  Generally the "old Quantum" 
had about 6-10 dB higher S-meter reading for a given head than the "new 
Quantum" in non-regeneration mode.  I guess the new Quantum with your 
transformer update would perform about the same as the old Quantum I 
have.  That being said, the old Quantum had a noisefloor of S9 on the 
R8A set to PREAMP ON, versus a noisefloor of S8 for the new Quantum.  
The usable sensitivity, therefore, was no different for a given head 
with either base.  The Kiwa Loop produced about an S4 noisefloor (amp. 
noise) when peaked on a no-signal frequency.  The signal output of the 
Kiwa was lower by something like 10-15 dB versus the Quantum (normal 
head, old base) and more like 25 dB less versus the Quantum with the 
larger head (the one you'd sent me a long time ago, presumably the same 
one you're providing with your longwave-capable QX+).  Large head versus 
smaller head on a given Quantum base gave about 16 dB of gain on the low 
end of the dial (530) and about 8 dB of improvement up around 1600 kHz.  
That's usable gain, as the amplifier noisefloor is the same with either 
  On both the "new Quantum" and the Kiwa, regeneration increased output 
by as much as 15 dB before received audio got excessively muddy.  Amp. 
noise also goes up during regeneration, so weak signal sensitivity 
really doesn't change much.  Using single sideband and passband tuning 
on receive lets you squeeze a little more out of the regen. before audio 
quality goes into the dumper (or before oscillation breaks out).  
Actually, from my experiences, regeneration has the greatest benefit 
when the receiver isn't, by itself, up to snuff for split DXing ... e.g. 
Sangean portables, car radios, etc.  Only once in a while will 
regeneration improve reception on a receiver that already has a good 
choice of IF bandwidths, PBT, etc.
  So who's better, Kiwa or Quantum ?  A good sensitivity test is Turks 
and Caicos on 530 kHz at a distance of about 1400 miles on pure midday 
groundwave.  At south-facing beaches in Dennisport, etc. it is strong 
enough to be a hair over the noisefloor on my Ford Taurus car radio (and 
easily copyable there on the Drake R8A with any good loop, a 100' wire, 
or an MFJ-1024 active whip).  At the E. Harwich house with something 
like 3-4 miles of sandy pinelands on the bearing to T&C-530 before 
hitting the water, the signal level is about 6-10 dB weaker than at the 
beach sites.  The car radio doesn't receive the 530 groundwave at the 
house.  It's still easily heard on a 100' sloper to the Drake R8A.  
Using the normal Quantum head (with either base) produced a signal that 
was barely over the amplifier noise threshold. The Kiwa Loop produced a 
cleaner (though "S-meter weaker") signal, perhaps an S-unit over its S4 
noise deck.  The winner turned out to be the Quantum (again, either 
base) with the larger ferrite head.  It had a narrow, but noticeable, 
hearability edge over the Kiwa on the Turks & Caicos - 530 signal there.  
Weak signals higher in the band were pretty much a dead heat between the 
"big head" Quantum and the Kiwa in terms of usable signal-to-noise.  
With cheapo portables, the Quantum would be preferable because of higher 
"S-meter output".  On a good radio like a Drake or AOR, it wouldn't 
matter.  The normal head Quantum lagged some, thereby validating a "size 
does matter" principle.  With really weak signals, amplifier gain cannot 
make up for lack of ferrite, even with the best noise-figure FET's you 
can find.  It should be stated that, especially at night, over 95% of 
what you can hear with a Kiwa or large-head Quantum can also be heard 
with a Quantum having the standard size head.
  I think that the large-head version of the Quantum Loop may come 
fairly close to the performance of the old Gordon Nelson NRC 6 ft. FET 
Altazimuth Loop in terms of digging out the weak ones.  You'd have to be 
way out in the middle of nowhere to see much difference.  The 100' 
sloper at E. Harwich, when fed through an MWT-3 regenerative preselector 
(gain about 40 dB), could still pull up a couple of signals none of the 
loops could find, but you're talking about 1/10 of 1% of anything of 
interest unless you're DXing from Antarctica or somewhere comparably 
  Nulling is best with the Kiwa, second best with a normal head Quantum, 
and third with the large head Quantum.  In all cases, if there's 
something on a channel at a right angle to a dominant and within 30-40 
dB of its strength, it can be made audible without much difficulty with 
any of these loops.
  I did notice some of the hand capacitance effect you'd mentioned.  
Instead of causing imprecise peaking, the main thing it did was to 
couple in some "hand signal" to make a tight null less deep (if I was 
peaking a subdominant's signal).  A bit irritating, but not a big deal.  
  On other antenna matters, I've been following the pennant and flag 
discussions (on the Topband, Pennant / Flag, and NRC reflectors) by 
hobby luminaries such as Kazaross, Rauch (W8JI), Griggs (K1ZM), 
Cunningham (K6SE), and Breed (K9AY).  Good info. for the upcoming 
outdoor antenna experimentation season.

"Gerry Thomas" <radioplus@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>

  Of immediate importance is that fact that I have made a couple of 
fairly important changes to the QX Loop.  The first is the substitution 
of an all-nylon shaft/screw on the VC.  I had been having problems 
finding an adhesive that could adhere nylon and brass so I started using 
a steel screw.  This resulted in hand capacitance while tuning and 
required gripping the tuning knob by the skirt to avoid the hand 
capacitance. I'm now machining the nylon spacer so that it is "keyed" to 
the VC shaft.  This allows me to go back to the nylon screw and all hand 
capacitance is gone.  The second important change is the switch from the 
broad-band output transformer that I had been using and the 
incorporation in the QX of the autotransformer that I use in the QX Pro.  
Instead of the 16:1 step-down, its now closer to 50-90:1.  This results 
in about a 6-10 dB gain in output across the band.  All QX's sold within 
the last month or so have these mods as will all future QX's. 

Harjot Singh Brar - harjotb50@xxxxxxxxxxx

  Try out this interesting DX Site and Join GRDXC, the only Active 
Shortwave & MW Radio Station DX Club in South Asia :

Robert Wien - rjwmail@xxxxxxxxx

  KAFY is actually on 1100, KZPM is on 970, they used the KZPM ID on the 
hour.  KAFY comes in regularly in KFAX's null here especially at sunrise 
with their SS format.  Have to check on 970 though.  KLOC is not silent 
after all on 920, they were rptd. with jazz but apparently are still 

Bogdan Chiochiu - chiochiu@xxxxxxxxx

  Now, I send to you my logbook. It contains all the logs that I`ve made 
on the AM band since October 2000, when I get involved with AM DX-ing. I 
send it to you, since I need help to fix some unIDs and tentative 
catches. You should also be aware that all that catches I have made 
using only an AM/FM radio with tape recorder and CD player and it`s own 
internal antenna wich is perhaps longer than the ferrite bar antennas of 
my other radios, since it receives AM signals VERRY WELL with strong and 
consistent signal. During my Friday night DX session, I caught Radio 
Visíon Cristiana on 530 (from South Caicos, Turks and Caicos) with an 
almost LOCAL-LIKE signal. I got also RCN with verry good signals on 760. 
It`s selectivity is not too bad. I have caught a number of carraibbean 
slips, as you will see in my logbook.
  The last night, the conditions were verry poor to Latin America. I 
have got only Turks and Caicos-530, Colombia-610/760, Venezuela-750 
(verry poor throught WSB co-channel QRM) and Cuba-600/890. So only 6 
Latins. Overall this week conditions has been good, above average, 
except from yesturday evening of course, and it`s amazing, since the 
spring has come and during the spring conditions becomes poorer, 
generally. The worst month for Pan-American DX-ing was January. I think 
this was due to the mid-winter anomaly.

(Anyone wanting a copy of this log, send me an email asking for same to 
phil@xxxxxxxxxxx - pb)

**Rick Kenneally - Wilton, CT - woodlandview@xxxxxxxxx

  If WDZK-1550 in Bloomfield, CT is typical, how can the affiliates get 
away with NEVER giving a legal ID?  Is it no longer required to give 
call letters and city of license once per hour? 
  I listened for over an hour this afternoon (a mind-numbing experience) 
and never got calls.  There were several "Radio Disney, AM-1550" IDs, 
but no calls.  Only once, a kid's voice gave "AM 15-50, Hartford" which 
is not, according to the FCC database, the city of license.
  I know much has changed since I last DXed, but I hear other stations 
breaking their network programming (or Spanish programming, or whatever) 
to give a proper ID at the top of the hour.  Is this ID-free 
broadcasting occurring with other networks?  This is the first/worst 
I've heard.

***Dmitri Mezin - Kazan RUSSIA - estrella@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  4th issue of DX bulletin Signal is already available. Read it at:
  If you don't wish to pass through the introduction (it remains 
uncganged yet), navigate directly to either of the following: 
  I'm planning to revise the start page (in particular, to add a direct 
link to the current bulletin issue). QSL gallery will be added soon. So, 
come back often!

***Walter (Volodya) Salmaniw, MD - salmaniw@xxxxxxxx

  For Canadians, Radio Shack has the WRTH 2001 on for half price, ie 
19.99 Cdn at the moment.  Picked up mine yesterday.  Hard to pass up at 
that price!..........Walt.

*Dennis Gibson - dcgibson@xxxxxxxxxxxxx

  The FCC has issued a Report and Order and Further Notice of Proposed 
Rulemaking re AM directional antennas which, according to the 
Commission, relaxes "our technical rules to the extent possible while 
still maintaining the integrity of the service." There approximately 
1,900 directional AM stations in the U.S.
  The report is very technical; certainly way over my head, but I know 
their are some technical types here, so it might be of interest to them:

***Jari Savolainen - jari.savolainen@xxxxxxxxxxxxx

  Some info I recently received from TWR HQ which might be of interest 
to listeners.
  SRI LANKA: Some years ago, TWR operated a 12.5kw SW transmitter at the 
Puttalam site. It was decided that the coverage it offered was not 
sufficient reason to keep it operating because the MW signal gave most 
of the same area as well.  The old SW transmitter was probably scrapped. 
TWR had a 100kw SW transmitter scheduled to go to Sri Lanka for a while, 
but it was decided not to do SW from Sri Lanka. The transmitter was sent 
to Swaziland instead to replace (1999) one of the old 50kw units that 
had been used there for a long time. 
  BOLIVIA: A 50 kW MW transmitter to start in Bolivia. The 50kw unit was 
one TWR used a short time on Bonaire for local broadcasting. When they 
installed a new 100kw MW transmitter there, they decided to help their 
Bolivian partners by providing the 50 kW unit to them. It's not yet on 
the air. No frequency or ID info available yet. 

*Jim Hill - slimjimzz@xxxxxxxx

If you are interested in high performance crystal sets, I strongly 
suggest you join the Yahoo Crystal Set Radio Club. Go to 
http://clubs.yahoo.com/ People that belong to this club make Litz wire 
group purchases from time to time  (I was in a group purchase with 
Richard in 2000), information on sound powered phones is covered, etc.  
It's a very active site.

**Craig Healy - ng1u@xxxxxxxxxxxx

  I found the Geoclock program I'd mentioned in an earlier post.  File 
name is GCLK60.ZIP.
  If you'd like it, I've put it up on an account on my FTP server.  From 
the default Windows FTP client, here are the commands.  Users of other 
FTP programs can extract the info they need..

-Establish a connection to your ISP.
-From a DOS prompt in your desired download directory, type "ftp".  You 
will get an "ftp>" prompt.
-type "open"
-type "nrc" when you get a user name prompt
-type "nrcdx" when you get a password prompt
-type "binary" to set for a data file download
-type "get gclk60.zip"  The file will download at that point.
-when you get the "ftp>" prompt back, type "close" to terminate the 
connection, and "quit" to exit FTP.


The 2001 WTFDA Convention will be held at the Super 8 in Boise July 27-
29. Inquiries can be sent to: N7SOK@xxxxxxx
The 2001 IRCA convention will be held in St Louis MO, August 25-27 2001
2001 NRC Convention will be in Pittsburgh PA over Labor Day weekend.

**kevin redding - Mesa AZ - amfmtvdx@xxxxxxxxx

  Selling, selling, selling! Nice DXing radios are on the block!

Radio Shack 12-655 sort of. I had a 12-655 AM radio and the case got 
toasted. This radio got assembled into a wood box with large dial and 
rotary pots and a toggle on off switch. This thing is as awesome a radio 
as the original but is not in the original case and the tuning is much 
better than the original due to a 30:1 gearbox. This is a real nice 
radio and is a smokin DXer. I have pics if you want to see it before 
buying. $40 plus $8 shipping and handling. 

Chrysler Infinity Model RX-690S AM Stereo / FM Stereo / Cassette car 
stereo with 6 band graphic equalizer and hookup for 6 speakers, digital 
readout: $25 plus $10 shipping and insurance.

Realistic TM-152 AM - AM stereo tuner $20 plus $6 shipping and handling.

Realistic TM-150 AM - FM - FM stereo tuner $15 plus $6 shipping and 

Optimus 12-603A High Performance AM - FM Radio. Knock off of GE 
Superadio III. Mint virtually unused. $30 plus $9 shipping and 
insurance. Regular price $59.95.

Westinghouse Multiband Model RPM5020A Dark Chocolate. AM/FM/MB/SW/VHF 
radio. Covers .54 - 1.6 mHz, 1.9 - 6.0 mHz, 6.0 - 17.0 mHz and 145 -176 
mHz. $22 plus $9 shipping and insurance. Tuning knob is incorrect for 
this radio. 

Realistic DX-440 LW/AM/SW/FM digital readout radio. LW/AM work very 
well. FM ok but images, SW is very weak on this set. $15 plus $8 
shipping and insurance. 

All radios work and are guaranteed not DOA. 

Please reply to amfmtvdx@xxxxxxxxx or call 480-632-0679. Will not accept 
collect calls.


     Geomagnetic Summary March 6 2001 through March 9 2001
      phil bytheway - Seattle WA - phil@xxxxxxxxxxx
      Tabulated from email status daily

  3/ 6   158     6    2    low-mod     quiet-unsettled     - 6
     7   177    11    0    low-mod     quiet-unsettled     - 4
     8   167     7    2    low-mod     quiet-unsettled     - 6 flare
  3/ 9   161     5    0    low-mod     quiet-unsettled     - 3

On Saturday, the Geo reports stopped coming!!  I tried to resubscribe 
with another email and they are still not coming. Looks like I'm going 
to have to go back to the "listen at 18 past the hour" days!  Sorry I 
didn't notice this sooner - pb

"*" denotes that the tip/info/etc. came from the IRCA eGroup (used by 
permission). Subscribe to the eGroup at http://www.egroups.com.  
International Radio Club of America

"**" denotes that the following items were originally posted on the 
AM@xxxxxxxxxxx list (used by permission).  National Radio Club

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IRCA Mexican Log, 6th Edition
The IRCA MEXICAN LOG lists all AM stations in Mexico by frequency, 
including call letters, state, city, day/night power, slogans, schedule 
in UTC/GMT, formats, networks and notes. The call letter index gives 
call, frequency, city and state. The city index (listed by state, then 
city) includes frequency, call and day/night power. The log has been 
completely updated from the 1998 edition and carefully cross-checked by 
several IRCA members. This is an indispensable reference for anyone who 
hears Mexican radio stations. Size is 8 1/2" x 11" and three hole 
for easy binding.Prices: IRCA/NRC members - $8.00 (US/Canada/Mexico/sea 
mail), $9.00 (rest of the Americas airmail), $9.50 (Europe/Asia 
$10.00 (Australia/New Zealand airmail). Non-members: add $2.00 to the 
above prices.

Completely revised by IRCA's Bill Harms to 9/00, the IRCA "TIS/HAR 
LIST" includes AM/FM and TV lists from the US and Canada. This 28 page 
"DX Aid" can be yours for only $5.00. Non-IRCA/NRC members... add $1.00. 
Overseas... add $0.50.

IRCA Bookstore - 9705 Mary Ave NW - Seattle WA  98117-2334 (please make 
checks payable to Phil Bytheway)

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 DXM-printed DX MONITOR (21x/year), SDXM-"soft" DX MONITOR (35x/year)

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Airmail (Europe, North Africa, Middle East) - $38.00, 
  DXM/SDXM - $43.00
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