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[HCDX] Tips

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Hi all,
4840 March,16-17th 05.00-06.00 Radio Interoceánica, Ecuador good both days, but suffered from time to time from RTTY and telegraphy interference. ID's in Spanish, but one day only tunes in English and the other just Spanish ballads.
5010 March,17th 04.00-04.35 HRMI, Honduras with both Spanish and English religious programming. Gave an address in California. Best in USB and around 04.30. Didn't s/off at 04.30, but faded out after 04.40.
3260 March,17th 04.00 UNID American talk with a lot of numbers mentioned. Too weak to copy any ID. Maybe KSMR still on?
73 from
Bjorn Fransson, the island of Gotland, Sweden (n b Glenn, Björn is with "dots", Gotland without "dots"!)
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