Re: [HCDX] Voice of America "Cannot Verify" Card
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Re: [HCDX] Voice of America "Cannot Verify" Card

At 09:35 13.03.2001 +0200, you wrote:
>   My guess is that the VOA's QSL -card production is  computerized. It is
>programmed to produce QSL -card with the QTH printed on, if  it finds the
>location in the schedule database, based upon the time, date and  frequency
>(and possibly language). If it does not find it, 'Cannot verify' is 
>printed instead of location.    So, when reporting, check that the
>broadcast can be found in  the VOA's official schedules ;-) ...    73 de PUL,

Yes this might be the reason. In 1993 I heard VOA via Udorn Thani on 7216
kHz and sent my report with this frequency. Because the official schedule
stated 7215 Khz they also wrote on the QSL card "Via: Cannot Verify". This
is of course in contradiction with the text the QSL starts "We are please
to confirm your reception report..."

Erich Bergmann
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